Saturday, 18 December 2010

Improving Your English Vocabulary

There are millions of English words but don't worry not all you need to learn. The most important thing is to learn which words are used in your environment so that you can understand them or use them.

Learning words is not just about learning the meaning of them; it also means you should learn well how that word is pronounced and where it can be used. Pronunciation is important in English so spend some time learning the right way.

Another important thing to remember is which words are formal or informal; spend some time learning about this as well; using slogan and informal words don't suit you well in professional environments e.g. client meetings perhaps.

Some good ways of improving your vocabulary:
  • Read good novels
  • Read articles related to your business and profession
  • Listen to the words used in your environment e.g. train stations, workplace, etc; words others use frequently.
  • Watch movies and pay attention to the words used
  • Pay attention to the advertises on the street
One of the easiest ways is to learn words by their pictures which makes them easier to remember:
And at the end, don't blame yourself if you don't know some words; there are many things others don't know either. Be patient, enjoy learning and practising gradually and consistently.

Saturday, 23 October 2010

Useful Links for Living in UK

Citizens Advise Bureau
Office for National Statistics (ONS)
National Health Service:

Local Councils:
Online Shops:

Thursday, 30 September 2010

Don't Allow Anything in Your Life Take Away Your Inner Peace

Inner peace is essential for any progress I think and without which it's almost impossible to focus achieving success.

Do not allow anything in life take away your inner peace, joy and self-confidence. No sickness, no mistake, no failure, no negative people, no circumstances, no bad weather, no empty pocket, no bad memory of the past, no future concerns, no worries, no fears, not even disability.

How can you do it?
It's simple and the answer lies in the power of words.

When facing a difficult situation, say to it firmly and calmly; you're not allowed! you're not allowed to take away my inner peace, inner joy, self-confidence. :)

Find examples of those annoying/challenging situations in your life and say that sentence to it and you will feel that you become more powerful than those situations because you truly are, you just forget it sometimes.

When you master this skill, you become always strong, unstoppable, unshakable, unbreakable and easily risk-taker.

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Don't Allow To Be Ruled By Emotions!

This is a very important technique towards developing emotional intelligence in you in a way that you tend to gain full control over your own emotions.

This is a wisdom that when learnt properly can bring you indescribable and constant blessings and joy in life and save you from the real dangers of negative emotions that can ruin and destroy your life.

Yes, acting, thinking and speaking emotionally can ruin your life.

Let you control your emotions, don't let your emotions control you. It's not easy at first but with practice you can master it.

Listen to your emotions kindly as you listen to your child, but don't allow it to be a parent of your life.

Don't be ruled by emotions. Instant emotions don't see the potential, they don't see the future, they have very poor judgement and are often wrong. Emotions only see a single moment and if uncontrolled they always have wrong judgement and can bring you and people around you misery and discomfort.

Let your mind prepare appropriate responses to situations and direct your emotions by your wisdom rather than vice versa.

Develop self control and choose not to react quickly emotionally when facing difficult challenges/situations in life but respond thoughtfully and properly always.

Choose to be all-good in all situations; think good, say good, write good and do good no matter what challenge you're facing in life. That's what should rule over your life then blessings never end flourishing into your life.

Many don't get the chance to learn this as they're always too involved and busy with life, some have to pay a very heavy price themselves to learn this and the lucky ones like you who have read this short article, can learn it quickly and by daily practice can master the skill.

Sunday, 19 September 2010

What are the British Values?

Isn't it important to know the values of the society in which you live?!

1. The Rule of Law
All people in the society must abide by the same rules, whatever wealth or status. No one is above the law - not even the government. All are equal before the law.

Ok, so if the law is wrong or unjust, you must obey it until it is changed if it's supposed to be changed. Also, it means that you must know the laws and learn them above everything else; know your rights, know other people rights.

  • Order
  • Fairness
  • People might become like robots that must be told what is the right thing to do all the time
  • No sympathy or understanding beyond what is known in the Law
  • Law is never perfect therefore requires gradual improvement.
2. The Pluralist State
It means that no one should be treated differently on the basis of belonging to a particular group. Conversely, all parties, sects, faiths and ideologies must tolerate the existence of their rivals.

Ok, what this means is that racism and discrimination based on color, religion, race, etc must be avoided. So this means that people should be judged by their behaviour, words, knowledge and skills.

3. Universal Human Rights
Including women, children and people of other faiths.

4. Democracy
People have the right to elect their own government.

To be continued...

Friday, 10 September 2010

How to Manage Manipulative People Who Wind You Up?

If you're always good and kind, it is good but just not good enough! You need a wiser strategy to handle people who consistently try winding you up because they are themselves sick, evil and manipulative or they just try to have fun themselves.
  • The best advice is to discuss the matter with that person face to face and individually, it might be just a misunderstanding and get sorted out.
  • If the previous advice didn't work or he continued his behavior or that was part of his personality best is to minimize your interaction with that person as much as possible
  • If none of the above strategies worked and you have to be in contact with that person frequently, consider discussing the matter with your manager so that the target person can take it more seriously to be nice
  • If the above strategies didn't work consider changing your environment, class or job
  • If you can't change your job, class, environment immediately, then unfortunately you need to respond to the bullyings until you change your environment or until that behavior stops
Other good sources:

To be continued...

Sunday, 5 September 2010

How to have a very good sleep?

It's very important to have a good sleep at night because

Good sleep impacts:
  • A good sleep takes your tiredness away and helps you be refresh & energized in the morning
  • You will be more alert in the morning
Bad sleep impacts:
  • Tiredness and not freshened in the morning
  • Drowsiness in the morning
  • Headache in the morning
  • You will feel sleepy during the day and less alert
Tips for good sleep:
  • Take a warm bath an hour before sleep; this causes you to sleep very well at night
  • Make your bed comfortable, tidy and clean for sleep
  • Keep your bedroom calm and dark so that you can easily fall sleep without distraction
  • Remember that your body needs 8 hour of sleep every night; if you did less, taking 1-2 hours of napping would be good ideally between 2 and 5
  • Avoid drinking alcohol at night; although it helps you fall sleep quickly but it doesn't maintain a good sleep; it encourages you to sleep more and when you get up you feel still drowsy.
  • Avoid drinking coffee at night; it doesn't allow you to have a deep and pleasant sleep
  • Spend few minutes to tense then release the muscles of the body group by group; this helps you sleep better because your muscles get relaxed quickly.
  • When travelling, don't eat during the flight. Eat when you get to the country of destination; this helps you reset your body time to the new country quickly.
How to get up from bed in a less painful way:
  • Exposure to a blue light when you get up in the morning helps you become alert quickly in the morning.
  • Try getting up always at the same time e.g. 7am
  • Eating protein in the morning helps you become more alert
  • Drinking a cup of coffee in the morning helps you become more alert

How to Get Rid of Negative Thoughts and Feelings Quickly?

"Focusing on one positive thought eliminates all the negative thoughts and feelings"

There are times that you're bombard with negative thoughts and feelings because of what you have perceived and interpreted from your environment or because what has really hurt you or happened to you. This might happen every day in our life and that's more or less natural!

The best way to get rid of these negative moods quickly is to Focus On One Positive Thought then you see that all these negative thoughts and feelings scape very quickly and you become happy and take control of your thoughts and feelings. To maximize the impact when you focus, try using all your senses; hearing, touching, visual, taste, etc.

Why this technique is very effective?

The reason this technique works well is that our mind can't focus on more than one thing at a time and when we do that consciously, then all other unconscious thoughts get blurred quickly.

This is an essential skill to lift up your spirit quickly when you need to and it works because of the power of focus combined with positive thinking.

  • If you're on a beach, at a jungle or a nice place, that would be simple. Look at it and focus on how beautiful it is with all your senses and feeling.
  • Wherever you're or whatever situation you're in, find one nice thing and focus on that such as focus on how great you did a task recently.

Thursday, 26 August 2010

How to Build Trust in Yourself

This is the key foundation to all achievements and successes; Trust Yourself, Trust In Your Abilities and Potential, Trust Yourself that You Will Handle It.

Affirmations that might help:
  • I truly trust myself and I truly trust myself indeed.
  • I listen to my inner wisdom
  • I am intuitive
  • I know I'll handle it
  • I do take risks and I trust myself; even if I fail I trust myself that I can get over it
  • I build the sense of self-trust every day
Learn the science of trusting yourself and enjoy using it every day.

to be continued...

Saturday, 14 August 2010

How to Stay Strong and Firm In Adversity

Adversity comes and goes in life. It has always a period. It could be family, business, financial, relationship, education, etc.

Whatever situation you're facing, remember to stay strong and firm at all times. Do not break and do not let the problems/people/situations break you.

  • Remember not to loose hope; hope for the better and change
  • Remember that adversity will pass and go away. Nothing in this world is permanent or forever.
  • Remember not to loose faith; never give up. Lord is the king of all things and he has the power to change things so keep praying and seek his will and the adversity will go away.
  • Stop thinking negatively; remember to think positive and treating every event as a learning experience
  • Be determined to focus doing the right thing
  • Remember that you grow in adversity
  • Remember that all people face challenges from time to time; so you're not the only one

Thursday, 12 August 2010

Everything happens for your good even if it looks initially not that good.

Believe that everything happens for your good even if it looks initially not that good then you will become highly confident and happy no matter what challenges you're facing.

Find reasons and evidences from the holy scripts to confirm this belief :) I am sure there are many.

Friday, 30 July 2010

Let It Go

Sometimes in life, there are unexpected experiences that annoy us so much when we remember and we can't change those experiences. We try to learn lessons but the harm and hurt is so huge that occupies all our mind and heart for days or weeks.

The more you're sensitive the more difficult it would be for you because you remember those events or experiences with all details and you review them word by word, scene by scene.

In these situations, best approach is to let it go and forget it. It's hard but keep telling yourself that "I'll let it go" until the thoughts are gone completely.

Let it go, move on, forget the past, don't look back, set yourself free from the past. Start new and refresh :)

  • I'll let it go
  • I'll move on
  • I'll set myself free and save my current moment
  • Good bye the past
  • I choose to forget and forgive you
Because one of the few things that can’t be recycled is wasted time.

Sunday, 25 July 2010

Common Sense

What is thought to be common sense is not necessarily sensed by everyone in a common way since people, their experiences, their knowledge and their background always differ.

Saturday, 24 July 2010

Best Ways to Become More Productive

Productivity is one of the most important factors to become happy and successful in life.

More productivity means accomplishing more goals or progressing further on the current big goals.

Have you had days that you have felt you have achieved and progressed so much, those days you love yourself more.

Main threats to productivity are:
Laziness, Tiredness, Confusion, Lack of Focus and Concentration, Distraction, Not being healthy

Best ways to become more productive
  • No matter you're tired or not, allow yourself to rest when you go to bed at night only; during the day you should have great discipline to work towards your goals with full power and energy
  • Do the action immediately; don't think more than necessary - always set deadline for your thinking process otherwise the more you think the more confusion you will face but actions bear the real fruits
  • Set deadline for every task you have - tasks with no deadline prolong too long not because they can't be finished quicker but because there is not enough determination and focus to finish them quicker - if the deadline is missed, set a new deadline based on the changes which might have happened
  • Eliminate waste - if you can, don't do what doesn't add value - delegate to others if you can - you focus on the most valuable task
  • Listen to exciting and energetic music whenever you feel tired
  • Drink water or energy drink (not more than 1 a day) when you feel tired
  • Do exercise even if you feel too tired e.g. after work go to gym immediately - when you get there, you will find that the energy you need is already within you
  • Write down your tasks and always work through them - don't let your mind confuse you - apparently we have 60,000 thoughts a day in average. I am sure the more busy you're the more thoughts you will have so it's vital to have a proper strategy to organize our thoughts and that's by writing and prioritizing them
  • Reduce/remove distractions - if people distract you, ask them not to - if your emails distract you, discipline yourself to check your emails at a certain time only - if your phone keeps distracting you, switch it off
  • Apologize; get rid of negative thoughts and relations which are bad and keeps your mind busy - be humble, apologize, learn the lesson quickly and move on
  • Take 1 capsule of Omega 3,6,9 every day; it empowers your heart and brain functions dramatically
  • Allow yourself to have fun, see the fun in life and in people; laugh and enjoy living - this is also a secret that people see you more attractive and want to be with you more
  • Value your network of people - remember always that we need each other and we're much stronger together

Friday, 23 July 2010

A Great Technique to Succeed in Everything

See life as a funny and often a ridiculous game! develop the sense of humour.

Sunday, 18 July 2010

Ask God for Wisdom and You Will be Given

To be honest, Wisdom is the most interesting subject to me ever.

Why do we need wisdom?

* We have to make decisions in life
Life is full of choices for us every single day; where to go, what to do, what to say and to whom and how; what to wear, what to eat, how to run a business, what to achieve next, how to achieve our goals, etc.

Based on our level of wisdom, we choose consciously or unconsciously what to do, what to think about or what to say and how.

By wisdom, you will know what to do.

* It's the success factor
The greater your wisdom, the more successful you become in whatever goal you have in life; indeed in order to become successful in life you only need to grow in wisdom.

* We need guidance
Wisdom works as a mentor for you who guides you along the way.

Whatever you're doing right now; whatever goal you want to achieve; the only thing you need is wisdom, yeah the only thing.

With wisdom you become unstoppable and nothing is unachievable.

* It helps to move from doubt/uncertainty to belief and certainty
Wisdom helps you to find the best answers to your questions like "What should I do now", "How should I respond", "How can I achieve that", "How can I get help", etc.

* The world is full of unknown things
We don't know everything and the more we ponder the more we realize this so once you realize this it becomes clear that you need wisdom which helps you in your everyday life.

* To lead people you need wisdom
(2 Chronicles 1:10)

* Wealth and honor will come along with wisdom
(2 Chronicles 1:11-12)

What wisdom is not?
Knowing or knowledge solely is not Wisdom; knowing and acting accordingly and properly both are what wisdom is.

Wisdom is proved right by actions.

Can we be all-wise?
Wisdom is like an unlimited and indefinite sky whose stars are scattered limitlessly. You can grow in wisdom and aim for being all-wise but there is no limit or one point where you can become all-wise.

How to grow in wisdom?

Unfortunately wisdom is not taught in schools neither can it be bought from shops but you can gain and grow in wisdom by keep looking for it.

* Ask Wisdom from God and believe he will give it to you

"If any of you needs wisdom to know what you should do, you should ask God, and he will give it to you. God is generous to everyone and doesn't find fault with them. 6When you ask for something, don't have any doubts. A person who has doubts is like a wave that is blown by the wind and tossed by the sea. 7A person who has doubts shouldn't expect to receive anything from the Lord. 8A person who has doubts is thinking about two different things at the same time and can't make up his mind about anything." (James 1:5-8)

When you believe, automatically your eyes and ears are opened for messages, guides and signals God has for you.

So be happy since God will give you wisdom when you ask Him.

What are the characteristics of the Wise?

* Consult with the wise, experts and the more experienced; learn from them

* Read wise books and ponder in them

* Ask clever Wh questions; Why, When, How, Who, Where, What

* Listen very well and know when you should challenge what you hear

* Learn from the history and past experiences; they might be repeated in the future again

* Be prepared to change and learn from life and from others

* Observe people, their experiences, their way of life

"Observe them carefully, for this will show your wisdom and understanding to the nations, who will hear about all these decrees and say, "Surely this great nation is a wise and understanding people." (Deuteronomy 4:6)

* Do things more intelligently and in a more clever way

Thursday, 15 July 2010

Remember Your Death Intellectually

Death is the best invention of life. Death is renewing and changing everything (Steve Jobs).

Remembering death, disassociates you from all the pressures and stresses and reminds you that you should follow your heart.

Death reminds you that life is truely short so why wasting this precious time worrying about life?

I don't say you should go and kill yourself! I mean as long as you have still time to breathe, breathe gracefully and enjoy being alive.

Thursday, 8 July 2010

Always Apologize to Restore Relationships

When you're able to break the barriers of ego and become humble, you can apologize when you do something wrong. This apology is a healing treatment for your relationships with others at home, at work, etc.

It's out of your strength and wisdom when you apologize, not out of weakness. Apologize

When you apologize it means you're so courageous that you're ready and willing to a new change.

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Car Insurance

Learner Driver Insurance:

Learner driver insurance is very expensive because the Leaner poses a great risk to the insurer; £100+ per month

Friday, 2 July 2010

Homoeopathic Remedies

Summary of what you might be interested to know
  • Mainly helpful for Hayfever, cold, flue, asthma, eczema, migraine, minor chest infections, malaria, depression and anxiety
  • Homeopathy can cause an flare-up of your original condition and this is considered by homeopaths to be part of the healing processthe
  • More diluted the solution, the more potent it would be
  • Dilution and succussion releases the spirit of the substance and creates a "memory of the substance" in the diluted water
  • Homeopathic medicines involve giving patients preparations that are so dilute that they frequently contain none of the original substance.
  • Vital force is the healing power or energy that exists within us all. The vital force fuels the mind, body, emotions and mind. It keeps us healthy and balanced. When the balance of the vital force is disturbed by factors such as stress, pollution, improper diet and lack of exercise, it becomes weakened resulting in the person getting sick.
  • Let likes be cured by likes;this means a substance that would produce symptoms in a healthy person can treat those same symptoms when given in a tiny and harmless amount to a sick person.

Thursday, 10 June 2010


Counselling Providers:
  • NHS Counselling
  • Counselling provided by charity organizations
  • Counselling provided by church
  • Private Counselling
If you need to talk to someone about a previous or existing relationship with your parents, children or partner, Relate could help.

Saturday, 29 May 2010

Buy Travel Money

Best deal:

Presentation Skills

  • Know the contents well that you're going to talk about -
  • Be passionate about your topic
  • Start with the agenda and finish with a summary
  • Add links page
  • Ask the audience if they have any question at the end
  • The last thing would be your "Thank You" always!
Presentation Materials
  • Always prepare your presentation materials before the presentation: slides, demos, contents
  • The material of your presentation should be concise, to the point and tell an interesting story.
Your voice - how you say it is as important as what you say

Body language - a subject in its own right and something about which much has been written and said. In essence, your body movements express what your attitudes and thoughts really are.

Appearance - first impressions influence the audience's attitudes to you. Dress appropriately for the occasion.

practice is essential, both to improve your skills generally and also to make the best of each individual presentation you make.


Monday, 17 May 2010

From Pain to Power

One of the best ways to understand and develop commendable qualities such as Self-Confident within is to go through and understand what their antonyms are:

Pain Power

Worried, Upset, distressed, disturbed

Hopeful for good, taking it easy, reassured
Fearful, Afraid Courageous, Brave, Bold, Risk-taker
Indifferent, Cold, disinterested Caring, interested, compassionate
Negative thoughts Powerful and positive thoughts
Sad Joyful
Stressed In peace, in harmony
Lazy Perseverance, Hard working, goal oriented
Gives up Persistent, Keeps on, Carries on, Presses on, Diligent
Apathy Responsible
Dishonesty, disgrace, dishonour Integrity, Honour, Uprightness, cohesion
Shy, timid Self-confident, Self-assured
Depressed, low-spirited, down, miserable Happy, hopeful
Ungrateful, thankless, rude Grateful, Thankful, Appreciative
Separated United
Hatred, dislike Love, Affection
Corrupt, Unreliable Trustworthy, Reliable, Honest
Self-depreciative Self-respectful, self-esteem, Dignified
Incapable Capable, Competent
Closed-minded Open-minded
Originative, unimaginative, uninventive Creative, imaginative, inventive
Selfish, self-centred Sensitive to others and self both
Uncooperative Cooperative
Thoughtless Thoughtful
Isolated Participates, Sociable
Self-centred Supportive, helpful to others
Impatient Patient
Indifferent Alert, aware
Inactive, Passive, Follower Initiative, Creative, Proactive
Unable Able
Inefficient Efficient
Wasteful Helpful
Untrained Skilled, Expert
Junior, Dummy Professional, Senior
Blind Seeing, perspicacious
Disorganized Organized
Weak Strong
Unstable, moody, out of control Stable, in control, self-controlled
Directionless Knows where to go
Uninformed, unaware Knowledgeable, informed, aware
Unaware Aware, wise
Unapproved, unaccepted approved, accepted, loved
Discouraging Encouraging
Stupid Wise
Slow thinker Quick thinker
Slow reader Quick reader
Coach potato, sleepy, lazy Sportsman, goal oriented
Excessively thought-oriented Action oriented
Negligent, lazily careless Careful, alert, hardworking
Impolite, rude Courteous, polite, well-mannered
Unproductive Productive

My advice to you is that anytime you don’t feel good, come here and find what is your feeling honestly, then work on it to move from pain to power.


Saturday, 8 May 2010


What is Motivation?

Motivation is the cause of actions. Motivation is what encourages you to dedicate your focus, intelligence and time on a certain task or a particular goal.

Motivation Types?

There are basically 2 types of Motivation; Intrinsic and Extrinsic

Intrinsic motivation relates to internal factors of the person and comes from within. This is the most important factor for high-achievers; The desire for praise and approval

Extrinsic motivation comes from outside of the person such as Money, Threat of Punishment, Encouragement from Parents. This type of motivation is used in training animals.

Saturday, 1 May 2010

Enlightened Self-Interest

A self-interest which is as a result of social-interest. E.g. Loving others which results in you being loved or you enjoy doing so.

Friday, 30 April 2010

Anger Management

Perhaps you can't avoid getting angry but with practice you can and you should control how you behave when you get angry.

A quick anger can be devastating. We sometimes get angry too quickly and say or do things that we regret later soon or late.

Anger-Management is a vital skill that every individual needs to develop within.

Why do we get angry? What is Anger?

Simply put, we get angry and frustrated when we are dissatisfied about something or somebody. Showing an anger is showing this dissatisfaction.

Anger is a strong emotional feeling.

How do we show our anger?
The more emotional we are, the harder we find controlling our anger.

The negative immediate responses come to our mind to get rid of this anger are:
  • Shouting
  • Swearing
  • Throwing things around
  • Physical actions against the person who has caused this anger
All these are negative, inappropriate and non-constructive. It is a must to recognize that what devastating impacts your anger might have on another person or the situation.

How an Intellectual Manages His/Her Anger?

1) The first thing an intelligent person should do is to develop Self-Awareness. Without being aware about yourself and your emotions and thoughts, you can't control or change anything. Be honest with yourself that this thing is making you angry more or less.

2) The next attribute you should have is immediately guarding your deeds and words so that you can prevent yourself doing or saying anything stupid or unhelpful as listed above. Develop Self-control and patience so that you can achieve this. If you can, that would be a good idea to take your time and leave the situation so that you have time to calm yourself down and thought through what happened and why that thing happened.

3) The next thing you should be doing is to calm yourself in a way that you can talk calmly, fairly and gently about the thing which is making or has made you angry.

4) Change your focus on the solution rather than the problem. The more you think and talk about the problem, the more you become angry but when you change the focus on the solution and how you can achieve it you can get a better result.

5) Control your facial expressions and eyes not to show your anger, sadness or frustration, instead relax and smile to things that make you frustrated, then you will see that the frustration will quickly go away :)

6) If the anger is still there, don't leave it until it reaches to its boiling point since it could be very dangerous. Prevent your feelings from building up and festering into a bigger problem.
Best is to express your anger and only in a healthy way which is productive and respectful. Try to be specific rather than general about how you feel. Describe the specific behaviour that you don't like then your feelings. Be fair, express your positive feelings as well. This has a great list:


Saturday, 24 April 2010

While Speaking and Reading Ask Questions of Yourself

I watched a very interesting video clip from David Cameron and found his technique so powerful to improve the understanding of the subject for himself and others.

Basically, what I learnt was that we should be asking ourselves questions whenever we are thinking about something. When we speak to others, we should be asking questions from ourselves and answer them. I don't mean asking questions from others.

Specifically Yes/No questions:

Did I enjoy watching how David Cameron speak? yes I did very much.

Will I think and use the technique in the future? I will try and I think will do.

Did I master the technique? not yet but will do.

Do I enjoy writing blogs and my thoughts about the subjects I find useful? yes indeed.

Friday, 23 April 2010

The Power of Dreams

When you set a goal for yourself, you are saying, "This is a dream I'm going to make come true."

Allow yourself to dream and detail imagine what you want to do or achieve; the work, business, education, family, relationships, etc.

When your dreams/desire becomes stronger than your fear, the fear cannot live any longer.

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Dream about the Dream Land

Tired of life pressures? want to be detached from this world and its limitations?

The Dream Land is where the world is exactly the way you want it to be.

Dream about the Dream Land, visualize it, hear it, picture it. Imagine the world is the way you want it to be.

The Dream Land is where you are truly happy and successful everyday and forever.

The Dream Land is where only people you love and they love you exist and with the rest you have a good relationship.

The Dream Land is where all your needs are fulfilled.

The Dream Land is where no one and nothing can harm you and you suffer nothing.

The Dream Land is heaven.

The Dream Land is where you see God, God loves you and you love Him back.

The Dream Land is where you are not left alone but have friends that care for you and you voluntarily care for them.

The Dream Land is where you are joyful all the time.

The Dream Land is where exists no sickness and everything and everybody is healed.

The Dream Land is where everyone co-exist with each other happily and there is no war.

The Dream Land is where you hate no one and no one hates you; you love everyone and everyone loves you; you respect everyone and everyone respects you.

The Dream Land is where everything is going to be all right.

The Dream Land is where you never get tired or bored.

The Dream Land is where you hear the musics and songs your soul loves.

The Dream Land is where your soul can fly freely with no border or limitation.

You can add to this list as you think more creatively ;)

  • Dream whenever you're free during the day; on the train, on the way home, at night, in the morning
  • Before going to bed
  • It helps you be creative
  • It helps you be happy and joyful
  • It helps you to detach yourself from life pressures and limitations
  • It helps you to be ambitious
  • It helps you to take risk
  • You attract what you visualize; remember the secret
  • Consciously or unconsciously everyone is currently living in his or her Dream Land any way; this simply helps you shape it by choice in the way you want it to be
  • It would not be necessarily realistic although it will certainly affect your worldly life and makes you happier

Sunday, 18 April 2010

Be Passionate In Life

Why it is important to be passionate?

Being Passionate is a key to happiness.

Life without passion is too boring and if you are not passionate about anything, sorry but you make yourself boring too.

Be Passionate :)

  • Be passionate every day
  • Be passionate about the people you have around you and when you see them; even if you have seen a person a million times, each time be passionate about it
  • Be passionate about what you already have and appreciate them; the job you have, the food you eat, the friends you have
  • Be passionate about whatever you do and do what you're passionate about
  • Be passionate about what you love and enjoy

Discover What You Are Passionate About:

You haven't lived if you haven't done anything passionately in life or if you haven't found what your passion is in life.

Find out what you love and are passionate about; know yourself, discover what your interest is, identify what you enjoy most

To be continued...

Monday, 5 April 2010

Be Blessed

I would like to write about blessing; blessing ourselves and blessing others.

Where Blessing is:

There is blessing in Prayer
There is blessing in Communication
There is blessing in Showing Love and Care
There is blessing in Helping the Needy
There is blessing in Treating People Nicely
There is blessing in Smile
There is blessing in Unity
There is blessing in Forgiving The Mistakes of Ourselves and Others
There is blessing in Working Hard
There is blessing in Teaching
There is blessing in Thinking and Trying to Understand How/Why/What/Who/When
There is blessing in Being Humble in Thoughts, Heart, Words and Deeds; it opens the doors previously locked
There is blessing in Patience
There is blessing in Thankfulness and Showing Your Appreciation
There is blessing in Righteousness
There is blessing in Doing Good
There is blessing in Taking Care of Your Body, Mind and Soul
There is blessing in Assertiveness

From Bible:

Receiving the Blessing:

The blessings we receive would be different:
  • Type of blessing: help, service, money, direction, guide and joy when needy
  • Time of blessing: soon or late
Most often the type and time of the blessing we receive is supernatural and is related to the wisdom of the world and often Karma but the response is certain.

Be Blessed!

Saturday, 3 April 2010

Driving in Gran Canaria, Spain

Driving in Gran Canaria

Speed Limits:

Speed limits in Spain are as follows: 20 kph in residential areas, 50 kph in built-up areas, 90 kph in country roads, 100 kph in dual carriageways, 120 kph on motorways, 80 kph for cars towing a trailer on divided highways and 70 kph on other roads.

The only fast roads on the island are the GC1 motorway from Las Palmas to ArguineguĂ­n and the GC2 from Las Palmas to Agaete.


Parking is prohibited on white or yellow lines and blue lines indicate a restricted parking area where you must purchase a ticket from a pay-and-display machine.; €30 fine.

Single white lines – If there is a single white line in the middle of the road you shouldn’t cross it.

Seat Belts:

Seat Belts. Seat belts must be worn at all times.


Blood alcohol limit is 0.05% (0.015% for drivers who’ve acquired their licence in the past five years). Breath tests are carried out randomly and non-residents are subject to on-the-spot fines.


Police are empowered to collect fines of up to 300.51 euros on the spot. Foreigners non-resident must pay on the spot unless they can present a Spanish bail bond or an address in Spain or company who will guarantee payment of the fine. If the fine cannot be paid or guaranteed, the vehicle will be impounded. Normally there is a discount of 30 percent for immediate settlement. You should pay the fine first, it is necessary for the policeman to permit you to continue your trip.

Carry With You All the time:

Driving license - Car certificate - Your Insurance - Your Passport - Road Tax


You will have a period of 7 days to report the accident to your insurance company in Spain. Your indemnity will depend on the type of car insurance you have contracted.

The Police accident report is an important proof to determine who is responsible for the accident. You should attach copy of this report when you claim for the damages suffered before the insurance company. If you or any of the passengers have been injured, you should also attach copy of the medical report to claim for compensation before the insurance company.

Wednesday, 31 March 2010

How Not to Get Offended?

We human beings offend each other very easily and often but most of the time we don't even know it ourselves.

We get offended by other people's words and deeds and we offend others by our words and deeds automatically whether we are aware of it or not.

Offence Subject?

Offence Environment?

Offence Level?

Effects on the Person Who is Offended?

Effects on the Person Who has Caused the Offence?

How to Handle Offence?

How to Reduce Offending Others?

Sunday, 21 March 2010

International Day of Nowruz

  • Nowruz is the beginning of Persian New Year.
  • Nowruz marks the first day of spring, usually 21st March.
  • Nowruz is a traditional ancient festival which is believed was invented by Zoroaster in about 3000 years ago.
  • Nowruz is a celebration of change and renewal. As it is the first day of spring, it indicates a strong bond between human being and natural world around us.
  • Nowruz is thought to be a holy day and those who celebrate it are not supposed to work on that day.
  • The festival usually continues for 13 days.
What do you usually do in Nowruz Festival?
  • Visiting - A time to visit family and friends
  • Peace with the World - To make peace with people around us and friends; if you have annoyed someone or someone has annoyed you, it's the best time to make peace. So it is why Nowruz has been considered a global peace symbol.
  • Respect to Elderly - A time to pay respect to senior family members.
  • Giving and Receiving Gifts - Whoever is older than others would give gifts to those who are younger than them e.g. parents to their children.
  • Harmony with Nature - A time for harmony with the natural world and appreciating the nature - a time for travelling and leaving home
  • Home Cleanness - A time to clean everywhere in the home. Repainting, renewing, etc. People usually start cleaning their home from 1 week in advance so that on the first day of spring they have a totally clean home.
  • Haft Sin - almost every single family would provide haft sin as pictured above. Haft Sin means 7 S. Each S symbolizes something.
Why Nowruz has Survived This Long?

Because people have loved it, do love it now and will love it forever.

Thursday, 18 March 2010

How to Forgive Your Own Mistakes?

Realizing the Problem of Not Forgiving Our Own Mistakes:

Imagine you have made a mistake and you don't forgive yourself, how would you feel? What are its impact? What is the problem?
  • Constant self-blame
  • Horrible feelings
  • Anger
  • Lower Self-Esteem
  • Lower Self-Confidence
  • Fear
  • Offended
  • Sadness
As you see, it is extremely unhealthy not to forgive ourselves.

Moreover, if you don't go through this suggested process to forgive yourself as explained below there is a high possibility that
  • That mistake is misunderstood because no specific time allocated to think about that situation
  • That mistake is repeated because its lessons were not learnt properly and as a result that person will stay in a loop of uncertainty and self-blame.
Why Should We Forgive Ourselves?

Obviously, to get rid of those negative impacts of not forgiving ourselves. Also forgiving ourselves has many positive impacts on us that will be explained.

Another important matter is that it is God's will. Bible says that God's will for your life is that you be joyful always, therefore if you don't forgive yourself you can't be joyful either and that's against God's will for your life :)

How to Forgive Your Own Mistakes?

It is important to go through this process and understanding each step.

1) Acknowledge (5min)

Be honest with yourself. Define, acknowledge and accept your mistake for yourself.
  • What was my mistake exactly?
  • Where did it go wrong?
2) Learn from the experience (10m)

Ask yourself the following questions:
  • What did I learn from this mistake?
  • How could I behave differently that could have a better result?
3) Share your mistake with someone else (10m).

This helps yourself remembering the lessons and also it might help the other people who are already in the same situation. So this experience becomes a very positive one.

4) Forgive Yourself (5m)

Forgive yourself. we are only human beings and everyone makes mistake. No one is perfect. Mistakes are inevitable sometimes. Don't blame yourself. You're worth much more. Don't let the mistakes define you. You're worth much more.

For this step, you need to say with your mouth that you forgive yourself. Spoken words have enormous power.

5) Think about Compensation

This step is sometimes optional and depends on the type of mistake which has been made.

Sometimes our mistake has hurt other people or things. In these situations, it would be wiser if we think what we can do to compensate that damage. E.g. money, time, love, service, help, smile, apology depending on the type of damage.

Sometimes just showing sympathy and understanding for their hurt or simply an apology is sufficient.

Ask yourself:
  • How would I compensate my mistake?
6) Move On

The past belongs to the past and no one can change the past. Let it go and move forward.

  • If you believe in God, prayer would help directing this process more properly
  • The timing specific above is obviously dependent on the type of mistake. Some mistakes take shorter or longer to be processed properly.
Benefits Of Going through This Process of Forgiving Yourself?
  • Higher Self-Esteem
  • Higher Self-Confidence
  • Higher Self-Love
  • Learning Lessons and gaining experience
  • Staying Happy and Joyful
  • Helping others by sharing the experience
Challenging Thoughts?
  • Where is the limit? I mean are all types of mistakes forgiveable really?
  • Best is to go through this process daily or at least weekly even for small mistakes e.g. on the train, before bed, etc.