Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Don't Allow To Be Ruled By Emotions!

This is a very important technique towards developing emotional intelligence in you in a way that you tend to gain full control over your own emotions.

This is a wisdom that when learnt properly can bring you indescribable and constant blessings and joy in life and save you from the real dangers of negative emotions that can ruin and destroy your life.

Yes, acting, thinking and speaking emotionally can ruin your life.

Let you control your emotions, don't let your emotions control you. It's not easy at first but with practice you can master it.

Listen to your emotions kindly as you listen to your child, but don't allow it to be a parent of your life.

Don't be ruled by emotions. Instant emotions don't see the potential, they don't see the future, they have very poor judgement and are often wrong. Emotions only see a single moment and if uncontrolled they always have wrong judgement and can bring you and people around you misery and discomfort.

Let your mind prepare appropriate responses to situations and direct your emotions by your wisdom rather than vice versa.

Develop self control and choose not to react quickly emotionally when facing difficult challenges/situations in life but respond thoughtfully and properly always.

Choose to be all-good in all situations; think good, say good, write good and do good no matter what challenge you're facing in life. That's what should rule over your life then blessings never end flourishing into your life.

Many don't get the chance to learn this as they're always too involved and busy with life, some have to pay a very heavy price themselves to learn this and the lucky ones like you who have read this short article, can learn it quickly and by daily practice can master the skill.

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