Tuesday, 28 April 2009


Summarize the books or articles you read. Don't just read and go away.

Summarizing helps further referring much much easier and improves efficiency.

If a book is worth reading, it's worth summarizing.

Sunday, 12 April 2009


A goal should be SMART.


E.g. I read chapter 10 of book xxx until 9pm today.

An example of non SMART goal is "I read a book today" because it is not specific.

To be continued

Vision vs Goal

Vision is what we want to have generally, whereas goal is a specific thing that we want to acheive for which we have a strategy plan with a specific time frame.

E.g. if my vision is to have a business empire in computer hardware industry in 10 years. A goal would be to find the list of 10 most successful businesses in computer hardware industry until 9pm today.

Develop Your Life Vision

You can't get much from life if you don't have a personal life vision.

Every person is a manager and is a leader and he/she should have a vision for his/her life.

to be continued...

Visualize You Have What You Want

Break the life limitations, bring the future to your present or travel to the future.

Think and visualize 10 minutes every day that you have what you want.

If you want xxx car, imagine you have it, visualize it with details.
If you want xxx certification, imagine you have achieved it.
If you want to be fit and weight xxx kg, then visualize now you're fit and weight xxx.
If you want to have a business of xxx, imagine you have it with details.
If you want promotion in your job, imagine you're promoted with details.

This creates a burning desire and breaks the limitations and makes the future goals achievable easier.

Friday, 10 April 2009

Health In UK

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You also can email them and ask your health related question as well.

Find whatever health services you need from here.

NetDoctor.co.uk is a site which has answers to most of your health questions.

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Thursday, 9 April 2009

Be a Nagging Machine

I am often very positive and optimistic but I have realized sometimes there is no other solution but being like a nagging machine; keep nagging and pushing.

If you don't become a nagging machine, you get angry and frustrated and you possiblly harm yourself and others. Being like a nagging machine often is the only and only solution.

  • You want your agent or landlord fix something at home but they just postpone or promise and don't act.
  • You need someone to do something for you and they don't reply back or do the job.
  • ...


  • Nag to everyone that you could find from boss (priorty) to employees - use all the resources available.
  • Nag professionally, express facts, emotions, evidences
  • Be assertive


  • When was the last time you were like a nagging machine?
  • In what situations you need to be a nagging machine now?

Tuesday, 7 April 2009