Monday, 28 April 2014

The Golden Rules of High Productivity

  • See each life/work project as a series of 2-minute actions. Only focus on taking action for the next 2-minute task and don't worry about deadlines. You should never think too further ahead of the next few actions; that reduces complexity.
  • Collect => Process => Organize => Action
  • Collect means you should collect unto a paper/nodebook/google doc whatever task comes to your mind.
  • Process means you should decide the destiny of each task which has come to your mind and you've written. Decide what to do about it (defer/delegate/do). Decide the next 2 minute task for it. You should never have a Project in your mind for which you don't know what the next 2-minute action is.
  • Organize means if should be defered put it in the Calendar. If can be delegated delegate.
  • Action means obviously take action and do the 2-minute action about it.

Example, imagine you have 30 tasks. Decide in your mind quickly what the next 2-minute actions are for each task then go through the tasks and take the 2-minute actions; therefore by the end of the 1 hour all your projects have progressed forward for 2 minute! then start the cycle again. That's how CPU works.