Sunday, 30 November 2008


To be a good leader you must develop and maintain a set of abilities as following:

  • Visionary
  • Voice
  • IQ
  • EQ
  • Influence
  • Persuasion

to be continued ...

Friday, 28 November 2008


We have 7 chakras that all should be balanced but not always they are balanced.

To help you open your Chakras:

Tips to heal your 5th Chakra (Expression & Communication):
  • Yoga
  • Release sound
  • Breath deeply
  • Change your self-communication to positive - inner talk
  • Exercise

Thursday, 20 November 2008

Hardworking is the key

Lazy people want more and get less, but hard working people prosper.

To get more from life, we need to work harder and add more value. Not only harder but also smarter. Sometimes the way we do things are not smart and there are tools in the market that can make us more productive in what we do.

But hard working is the key to achievement and prosperity.

By hard working I don't mean only physical work, but also thinking and wise networking.

Those who go to work 8 hours a day, are survivals, normal people who get to no where in their lives. Those who work 10-12 hours a day can get something extra, can make a fortune, can start a business, can do many other things.

I believe we must work hard until we get to a level of financial freedom so that our assets work for us afterwards. When this happens? I don't know ... we must think, plan and be action oriented...

Wednesday, 19 November 2008

What is your value?

I was thinking today about being valuable.

Every person is valuable in some situations and is not valuable in some other situations.

The good or bad news is that the fact that a person is valuable in a situation is not absolute and unshakable. By this I mean, you can loose or gain value depending on the circumstance and situation.

In the other words, being valuable is contextual and has a season.

We always get value and give value. We get value in forms of love, care and money from our cercumstance and we give value in forms of our actions, works, words, etc.

A child is often valuable in the eyes of his/her parents and no matter what that child does, the value doesn't dissappear.

If you are an employee of a Company, depending on the value that you add to the Company you will get paid. If you can't or don't add any value to the Company, you will be fired or at least redundant. On the other hand, if you are very valuable for the Company, you can get pay rise or promotion.

Strangely, sometimes you loose your value not because you haven't done anything wrong and sometimes you gain value not because you have done anything right!

What is your value at your Company?

Friends provide value for each other. If one friend becomes invaluable, then the relationship is cut.

Husbands and wifes are valuable for each other. Once one side is invaluable for the other, the relationship is cut.

Do you try to add value wherever you are?

Did you know that you have no other option? I mean if you don't add value, you loose the value, e.g. money and support, you have so you have no option but keep adding the same value or adding more values.

Yes, it's always a trade fortunately or unfortunately!

This fact is a bit stressful, isn't it?

Go where you can be valuable and leave where you can't be.

The greater value you add, the greater value you get. That's why if you work hard and add more value, the more prosper you become.

List of English Names

I have had some difficulty to identify some English names since most of them sound new to me, specially when people call me or introduce themselves to me. So, sometimes I had to ask them to repeat or spell their names.

The solution came to my mind is to quickly review the list of men English names and list of women English names, which helped me to be familiar with this culture specific feature. Having said that my name sounds unfamiliar to the other people as well.

Top 10 boys names:

Jack; Thomas, Joshua; William; Daniel; Matthew; James; Joseph; Harry; Samuel

Top 10 girls names:

Emily; Chloe; Megan; Jessica; Emma; Sarah; Elizabeth; Sophie; Olivia; Lauren

Is the problem fully resolved?

Because London is a multicultural city, knowing the English names only doesn't help because you might meet people from other cultures as well. So I guess the best way is just to ask the other person to spell his/her name.

Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Stammering - Hexagon

Yesterday I had a conference call with John Harrison the founder of Hexagon.

Stammering had a big impact on the first half of John Harrison's life. Like the ancient Greek philosopher whose whole life was spent trying to unravel a mystery, John's "compulsive nature", as he puts it, drew him into a deep understanding of his own stammering. The process helped him develop a broad view of the nature and treatment of stammering summed up in a model he has developed, called the 'stammering hexagon'.

Stammering Hexagon is shown as below:
My understanding from what he said was that these 6 factors are major principles that cause or cure stammering.
You can find the collection of his research and research of others which have been gathered for years here.

Monday, 17 November 2008

Stammering - Self Advertising Technique

Self Advertising technique is one of the best techniques to be used by those who stammer so that they become desensitize about the way they speak.

The idea is that you become a confident speaker no matter you stammer more or less, which helps you become desensitize in regard to your stammering.

The technique is very simple:

At the beginning of your conversation on the phone or face to face, confidently say "I have a stammer, please could you bear with me". Then 99.99% the other person says "Yes, sure". Then you will have time to continue.

  • Remember that this must be the first sentence of your conversation, afterwards you introduce yourself and say other sentences such as "My name is ...I am calling in regard to...
  • Know that this is your absolute right to stammer and there is no shame on this.
  • The other person understands that he/she needs to be patient while you talk and 99.99% of the situations people are nice and understandable.
  • Besides, instead of feeling stressed and anxious you will feel confident and acceptable and you will have enough time to say what you want to say.

Here is another link to explain how to use telephone for people who stammer.

If you stammer sometimes like me, discipline yourself to practice this technique, desensitize yourself and boost your confidence.

Friday, 14 November 2008

How to become an IT Expert?

The only way to become an IT Expert, is to think, speak, look and act like an IT Expert. Wait a second and think about it...

Remember that you only can fly as high as your visualization can fly.

To become an IT Expert, there are a set of skills you must develop, maintain and practice and the following affirmations are to lead your self-visualization and consequently to shape your thoughts and deeds accordingly:


Record your own voice repeating the above sentences assertively, then listen to these records regularly so that you be able to lead your thoughts and actions to become an IT Expert.