Thursday, 20 November 2008

Hardworking is the key

Lazy people want more and get less, but hard working people prosper.

To get more from life, we need to work harder and add more value. Not only harder but also smarter. Sometimes the way we do things are not smart and there are tools in the market that can make us more productive in what we do.

But hard working is the key to achievement and prosperity.

By hard working I don't mean only physical work, but also thinking and wise networking.

Those who go to work 8 hours a day, are survivals, normal people who get to no where in their lives. Those who work 10-12 hours a day can get something extra, can make a fortune, can start a business, can do many other things.

I believe we must work hard until we get to a level of financial freedom so that our assets work for us afterwards. When this happens? I don't know ... we must think, plan and be action oriented...

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