Thursday, 30 September 2010

Don't Allow Anything in Your Life Take Away Your Inner Peace

Inner peace is essential for any progress I think and without which it's almost impossible to focus achieving success.

Do not allow anything in life take away your inner peace, joy and self-confidence. No sickness, no mistake, no failure, no negative people, no circumstances, no bad weather, no empty pocket, no bad memory of the past, no future concerns, no worries, no fears, not even disability.

How can you do it?
It's simple and the answer lies in the power of words.

When facing a difficult situation, say to it firmly and calmly; you're not allowed! you're not allowed to take away my inner peace, inner joy, self-confidence. :)

Find examples of those annoying/challenging situations in your life and say that sentence to it and you will feel that you become more powerful than those situations because you truly are, you just forget it sometimes.

When you master this skill, you become always strong, unstoppable, unshakable, unbreakable and easily risk-taker.

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Don't Allow To Be Ruled By Emotions!

This is a very important technique towards developing emotional intelligence in you in a way that you tend to gain full control over your own emotions.

This is a wisdom that when learnt properly can bring you indescribable and constant blessings and joy in life and save you from the real dangers of negative emotions that can ruin and destroy your life.

Yes, acting, thinking and speaking emotionally can ruin your life.

Let you control your emotions, don't let your emotions control you. It's not easy at first but with practice you can master it.

Listen to your emotions kindly as you listen to your child, but don't allow it to be a parent of your life.

Don't be ruled by emotions. Instant emotions don't see the potential, they don't see the future, they have very poor judgement and are often wrong. Emotions only see a single moment and if uncontrolled they always have wrong judgement and can bring you and people around you misery and discomfort.

Let your mind prepare appropriate responses to situations and direct your emotions by your wisdom rather than vice versa.

Develop self control and choose not to react quickly emotionally when facing difficult challenges/situations in life but respond thoughtfully and properly always.

Choose to be all-good in all situations; think good, say good, write good and do good no matter what challenge you're facing in life. That's what should rule over your life then blessings never end flourishing into your life.

Many don't get the chance to learn this as they're always too involved and busy with life, some have to pay a very heavy price themselves to learn this and the lucky ones like you who have read this short article, can learn it quickly and by daily practice can master the skill.

Sunday, 19 September 2010

What are the British Values?

Isn't it important to know the values of the society in which you live?!

1. The Rule of Law
All people in the society must abide by the same rules, whatever wealth or status. No one is above the law - not even the government. All are equal before the law.

Ok, so if the law is wrong or unjust, you must obey it until it is changed if it's supposed to be changed. Also, it means that you must know the laws and learn them above everything else; know your rights, know other people rights.

  • Order
  • Fairness
  • People might become like robots that must be told what is the right thing to do all the time
  • No sympathy or understanding beyond what is known in the Law
  • Law is never perfect therefore requires gradual improvement.
2. The Pluralist State
It means that no one should be treated differently on the basis of belonging to a particular group. Conversely, all parties, sects, faiths and ideologies must tolerate the existence of their rivals.

Ok, what this means is that racism and discrimination based on color, religion, race, etc must be avoided. So this means that people should be judged by their behaviour, words, knowledge and skills.

3. Universal Human Rights
Including women, children and people of other faiths.

4. Democracy
People have the right to elect their own government.

To be continued...

Friday, 10 September 2010

How to Manage Manipulative People Who Wind You Up?

If you're always good and kind, it is good but just not good enough! You need a wiser strategy to handle people who consistently try winding you up because they are themselves sick, evil and manipulative or they just try to have fun themselves.
  • The best advice is to discuss the matter with that person face to face and individually, it might be just a misunderstanding and get sorted out.
  • If the previous advice didn't work or he continued his behavior or that was part of his personality best is to minimize your interaction with that person as much as possible
  • If none of the above strategies worked and you have to be in contact with that person frequently, consider discussing the matter with your manager so that the target person can take it more seriously to be nice
  • If the above strategies didn't work consider changing your environment, class or job
  • If you can't change your job, class, environment immediately, then unfortunately you need to respond to the bullyings until you change your environment or until that behavior stops
Other good sources:

To be continued...

Sunday, 5 September 2010

How to have a very good sleep?

It's very important to have a good sleep at night because

Good sleep impacts:
  • A good sleep takes your tiredness away and helps you be refresh & energized in the morning
  • You will be more alert in the morning
Bad sleep impacts:
  • Tiredness and not freshened in the morning
  • Drowsiness in the morning
  • Headache in the morning
  • You will feel sleepy during the day and less alert
Tips for good sleep:
  • Take a warm bath an hour before sleep; this causes you to sleep very well at night
  • Make your bed comfortable, tidy and clean for sleep
  • Keep your bedroom calm and dark so that you can easily fall sleep without distraction
  • Remember that your body needs 8 hour of sleep every night; if you did less, taking 1-2 hours of napping would be good ideally between 2 and 5
  • Avoid drinking alcohol at night; although it helps you fall sleep quickly but it doesn't maintain a good sleep; it encourages you to sleep more and when you get up you feel still drowsy.
  • Avoid drinking coffee at night; it doesn't allow you to have a deep and pleasant sleep
  • Spend few minutes to tense then release the muscles of the body group by group; this helps you sleep better because your muscles get relaxed quickly.
  • When travelling, don't eat during the flight. Eat when you get to the country of destination; this helps you reset your body time to the new country quickly.
How to get up from bed in a less painful way:
  • Exposure to a blue light when you get up in the morning helps you become alert quickly in the morning.
  • Try getting up always at the same time e.g. 7am
  • Eating protein in the morning helps you become more alert
  • Drinking a cup of coffee in the morning helps you become more alert

How to Get Rid of Negative Thoughts and Feelings Quickly?

"Focusing on one positive thought eliminates all the negative thoughts and feelings"

There are times that you're bombard with negative thoughts and feelings because of what you have perceived and interpreted from your environment or because what has really hurt you or happened to you. This might happen every day in our life and that's more or less natural!

The best way to get rid of these negative moods quickly is to Focus On One Positive Thought then you see that all these negative thoughts and feelings scape very quickly and you become happy and take control of your thoughts and feelings. To maximize the impact when you focus, try using all your senses; hearing, touching, visual, taste, etc.

Why this technique is very effective?

The reason this technique works well is that our mind can't focus on more than one thing at a time and when we do that consciously, then all other unconscious thoughts get blurred quickly.

This is an essential skill to lift up your spirit quickly when you need to and it works because of the power of focus combined with positive thinking.

  • If you're on a beach, at a jungle or a nice place, that would be simple. Look at it and focus on how beautiful it is with all your senses and feeling.
  • Wherever you're or whatever situation you're in, find one nice thing and focus on that such as focus on how great you did a task recently.