Monday, 1 July 2013

My Top Best Hay Fever Tips

I finally managed to manage and reduce my hay fever dramatically. This is my way:

1. Eat and Drink

a. Drink plenty of water

b. Take Vitamin C 1000mg; and eat fruits which contain vitamin C e.g. Oranges, etc

c. Honey is very good and desensitised your immune system against pollens

2. Eyes:

a. Wash your eyes with tea (cheapest and best) or just an over-the-counter hay fever eye drops; that helps the pollens get removed.

3. Nasal:

a. Rob Vaseline to your nostrils which prevents the pollens get inside your nose causing sneezing and runny nose

b. Use Nasal Hayfever spray to stop the itchiness and runny nose

c. Use Sinus Rinse to completely clear your sinus:

4. Reduce Exposure

a. Pollens stick to your hair and clothes. Make sure you shake your clothes when you get home and take a shower when you get home.

5. Tablets
a. The above will work but in case it’s still unresolved then try hayfever tablets once a day and/or paracetamol every 4 hours.