Thursday, 29 October 2009

Best and Simplest Strategy to Improve Your Speaking and Listening English Skills

Yes, this technique is a magic!

Best and simplest strategy to improve your speaking and listening English skills is to learn from others in this way:

1. Listen to a person who is speaking English; from a movie, a tape, news, your friend or colleague
2. Try repeating what you heard loudly (if you are alone) or in your mind (if you're with another person obviously). It doesn't need to be exactly meaningful at the start, just say what you heard.
3. You can try visualizing what you hear though this step is not necessary

  • In the beginning, it doesn't matter what you heard was a correct word; just the sound is important because when you practice the main word will be revealed.
  • When you practice this strategy every day for 15-30 minutes, after a while you will become an English speaker who understands the language and with a native accent
  • As you hear a new word, automatically you will look up in the dictionary for the new words that you have heard


Practice this technique only for 1 week and you will see the improvement result immediately and you will be amazed. Then be commited to continue using this technique to master the language.

Saturday, 24 October 2009

Dream vs Goal

How to Get What You Want In Life?

Successful people think and talk about what they want, and unsuccessful people talk about what they don't want.

10-step plan to get what you truly want in life

1. Decide exactly what you want. This is usually the biggest problem that people have. They don't know what they want and then they're surprised when they don't get it.

2. Write your goal clearly in every detail. A goal that is not written down is merely a wish. When you write it down, you signal to your superconscious mind that you really want to accomplish this particular objective.

3. Write your goal in simple, present tense words on a three-by-five index card and carry it with you to read and re-read throughout the day whenever you get a chance.

4. Make a list of everything you can think of that you can do that will move you toward your goal. Making a list intensifies your desire and deepens your belief that the attainment of the goal is possible for you.

5. Organize the list by priority. What is more important and what is less important?

6. Resolve to take action every day on one of the items on your list. Do something every day that moves you toward your goal so that you can maintain your momentum.

7. Visualize your goal repeatedly. See it in your mind's eye as though it were already a reality. The more clear and vivid your mental picture of your goal, the faster it will come into your life.

8. Get the feeling of pleasure and enjoyment that you would have if your goal were realized at this very moment. Create the emotion of happiness, satisfaction, and pleasure that you would have if you really achieved your goal.

9. Confidently behave as if your superconscious mind were bringing your goal into reality. Accept that you are moving toward your goal and it is moving toward you.

10. Release your goal completely to your superconscious mind. When you turn your goal over to the power of the universe and just get out of the way, you will always know the right actions to take at the right time.

Starting today, try this power of yours, your superconscious mind, on one goal or idea, and practice it continually until you succeed in achieving that goal. By doing so, you will move from the "positive thinking" of the hopeful person to the "positive knowing" of the totally successful person.

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

The Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction says that everything which is coming into your life, you're attracting it into your life.

Whatever is going on in your mind, you're attracting it to you.

You Are a Magnet.

So, hold on to the thoughts that you want. Make it absolutely clear in your mind that what you want.

You become what you think most and you attract what you think about most.

Thoughts Become Things

Every thought has a frequency and magnetic signal which affects the environment.

If you think about what you don't want, it will be attracted to you and you will get more of it.

Focus on what you want and it will be attracted to you.

You are always thinking whether about what you want or what you don't want and whatever you think of mostly, will be attracted to you.

Take control of your thoughts. Be conscious about them and open your eyes.

Choose your thoughts carefully because soon or late they become reality.

The Role Of Emotions:

We have about 60,000 thoughts a day and that's impossible to monitor them all. The solution is that emotions affect the thoughts significantly.

Emotions of sadness generates thoughts of sadness and depression. Emotions of happiness and confidence, create the relevant thoughts.

So, whatever you're thinking and feeling about, you will get them.

Your thoughts and feelings create your life.

Begin feeling prosperous and happy, the more you feel good, the more good things will happen to you.

Think of good memories of your life, feel the moment and more good events will be created for your life.

Think about What you really Want not What you don't Want

Improving Your Spoken English

  • Be a confident speaker no matter you know the right words or vocabulary
  • Develop your fluency
  • Develop your accuracy
  • Develop your vocabulary
  • Practice Practice Practice
  • Don't be afraid of making mistakes
  • Plan what you're going to say in advance
  • Keep your listener interested: Vary your vocabulary, Plan in advance, Involve your listener
  • Be a supportive listener; Show you're interested, ask for clarification
  • Learn the stress of words; it's very important
  • Learn the stress of sentences; it's very important

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Sometimes Silence is a Sin

Silence is not speaking with or without listening.

Sometimes there is a misunderstanding and you know there is but your silence helps the misunderstanding to endure.

Sometimes you know a truth but your silence just helps the truth to be hidden longer.

Sometimes you see another person is in an immediate danger, but you still stay silent.

Sometimes, it takes courage not to be silent and your fear of failure or rejection keeps you silent.

Silence denies, silence avoids, silence hides, silence fears and this kind of silence is a sin and hurts you and others.

I don't say silence is always bad, there are times that silence is wiser.

In every situation, based on the level of your wisdom as well as your courage, you decide whether to stay silent; when, where and with whom.

Sunday, 4 October 2009

Distract Management Strategy

You must have a proper distract management strategy otherwise you can't focus working on anything.

To be continued...