Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Top Good Habits for Work and Life

Always Smile, Feel good and Enjoy
  • Simple but so powerful
  • Smile even when walking down the street, when you're at home or leave home, when working with computer, when talking with others, when looking at yourself in the mirror
  • It makes you and people around you feel good
  • It takes far fewer muscles to smile than to frown
Look for the Best
  • Look for the best in every situation
  • Look for the good in people and what they do.
  • Be less critical and more tolerant about people.
Compliment Others
  • It’s a great and highly valuable habit
  • The greatest human desire is to be appreciated.
  • Let your compliments be genuine
Treat Everyone as Important
  • Hand out admiration and respect for people; whatever we hand out, we get back.
  • The most important person for every person is himself; so treat everyone as important.
Believe In Your Success
  • Act and believe as though success is inevitable.
  • Picture success in your mind.
Be Always Eager to Learn
  • There are always good things to learn from people, books, etc.
Be Humble to See and Accept Your Faults And Be Self-Assured!
  • You can't correct your mistakes if you're not humble enough to see them honestly.
Be Action Oriented
  • Set deadlines for your actions, don't wait too long.
  • Action is Power but be aware it can be both constructive and destructive.
  • Know when you should act and when you should just ignore or wait.

Monday, 18 April 2011

Stop Thinking About Why, Focus On What Can Ben Done Now!

Our mind is very strange, it can think and think and think and think deep in reasons why events happen or why life is the way it is.

This is not always necessary, healthy or helpful and can waste time without gaining much. At these times, when you realize, best is to stop thinking why and start taking action, do something about it now!

If something happens to you that has hurt you, don't waste your time loop through the mind trap of why and why and why but just focus on what is the best and right thing to do now.

Of course there must be a balance, there are times you should ponder about reasons and there are times you should focus on taking action without being too much worried about reasons for events.