Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Top Good Habits for Work and Life

Always Smile, Feel good and Enjoy
  • Simple but so powerful
  • Smile even when walking down the street, when you're at home or leave home, when working with computer, when talking with others, when looking at yourself in the mirror
  • It makes you and people around you feel good
  • It takes far fewer muscles to smile than to frown
Look for the Best
  • Look for the best in every situation
  • Look for the good in people and what they do.
  • Be less critical and more tolerant about people.
Compliment Others
  • It’s a great and highly valuable habit
  • The greatest human desire is to be appreciated.
  • Let your compliments be genuine
Treat Everyone as Important
  • Hand out admiration and respect for people; whatever we hand out, we get back.
  • The most important person for every person is himself; so treat everyone as important.
Believe In Your Success
  • Act and believe as though success is inevitable.
  • Picture success in your mind.
Be Always Eager to Learn
  • There are always good things to learn from people, books, etc.
Be Humble to See and Accept Your Faults And Be Self-Assured!
  • You can't correct your mistakes if you're not humble enough to see them honestly.
Be Action Oriented
  • Set deadlines for your actions, don't wait too long.
  • Action is Power but be aware it can be both constructive and destructive.
  • Know when you should act and when you should just ignore or wait.

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