Friday, 30 April 2010

Anger Management

Perhaps you can't avoid getting angry but with practice you can and you should control how you behave when you get angry.

A quick anger can be devastating. We sometimes get angry too quickly and say or do things that we regret later soon or late.

Anger-Management is a vital skill that every individual needs to develop within.

Why do we get angry? What is Anger?

Simply put, we get angry and frustrated when we are dissatisfied about something or somebody. Showing an anger is showing this dissatisfaction.

Anger is a strong emotional feeling.

How do we show our anger?
The more emotional we are, the harder we find controlling our anger.

The negative immediate responses come to our mind to get rid of this anger are:
  • Shouting
  • Swearing
  • Throwing things around
  • Physical actions against the person who has caused this anger
All these are negative, inappropriate and non-constructive. It is a must to recognize that what devastating impacts your anger might have on another person or the situation.

How an Intellectual Manages His/Her Anger?

1) The first thing an intelligent person should do is to develop Self-Awareness. Without being aware about yourself and your emotions and thoughts, you can't control or change anything. Be honest with yourself that this thing is making you angry more or less.

2) The next attribute you should have is immediately guarding your deeds and words so that you can prevent yourself doing or saying anything stupid or unhelpful as listed above. Develop Self-control and patience so that you can achieve this. If you can, that would be a good idea to take your time and leave the situation so that you have time to calm yourself down and thought through what happened and why that thing happened.

3) The next thing you should be doing is to calm yourself in a way that you can talk calmly, fairly and gently about the thing which is making or has made you angry.

4) Change your focus on the solution rather than the problem. The more you think and talk about the problem, the more you become angry but when you change the focus on the solution and how you can achieve it you can get a better result.

5) Control your facial expressions and eyes not to show your anger, sadness or frustration, instead relax and smile to things that make you frustrated, then you will see that the frustration will quickly go away :)

6) If the anger is still there, don't leave it until it reaches to its boiling point since it could be very dangerous. Prevent your feelings from building up and festering into a bigger problem.
Best is to express your anger and only in a healthy way which is productive and respectful. Try to be specific rather than general about how you feel. Describe the specific behaviour that you don't like then your feelings. Be fair, express your positive feelings as well. This has a great list:


Saturday, 24 April 2010

While Speaking and Reading Ask Questions of Yourself

I watched a very interesting video clip from David Cameron and found his technique so powerful to improve the understanding of the subject for himself and others.

Basically, what I learnt was that we should be asking ourselves questions whenever we are thinking about something. When we speak to others, we should be asking questions from ourselves and answer them. I don't mean asking questions from others.

Specifically Yes/No questions:

Did I enjoy watching how David Cameron speak? yes I did very much.

Will I think and use the technique in the future? I will try and I think will do.

Did I master the technique? not yet but will do.

Do I enjoy writing blogs and my thoughts about the subjects I find useful? yes indeed.

Friday, 23 April 2010

The Power of Dreams

When you set a goal for yourself, you are saying, "This is a dream I'm going to make come true."

Allow yourself to dream and detail imagine what you want to do or achieve; the work, business, education, family, relationships, etc.

When your dreams/desire becomes stronger than your fear, the fear cannot live any longer.

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Dream about the Dream Land

Tired of life pressures? want to be detached from this world and its limitations?

The Dream Land is where the world is exactly the way you want it to be.

Dream about the Dream Land, visualize it, hear it, picture it. Imagine the world is the way you want it to be.

The Dream Land is where you are truly happy and successful everyday and forever.

The Dream Land is where only people you love and they love you exist and with the rest you have a good relationship.

The Dream Land is where all your needs are fulfilled.

The Dream Land is where no one and nothing can harm you and you suffer nothing.

The Dream Land is heaven.

The Dream Land is where you see God, God loves you and you love Him back.

The Dream Land is where you are not left alone but have friends that care for you and you voluntarily care for them.

The Dream Land is where you are joyful all the time.

The Dream Land is where exists no sickness and everything and everybody is healed.

The Dream Land is where everyone co-exist with each other happily and there is no war.

The Dream Land is where you hate no one and no one hates you; you love everyone and everyone loves you; you respect everyone and everyone respects you.

The Dream Land is where everything is going to be all right.

The Dream Land is where you never get tired or bored.

The Dream Land is where you hear the musics and songs your soul loves.

The Dream Land is where your soul can fly freely with no border or limitation.

You can add to this list as you think more creatively ;)

  • Dream whenever you're free during the day; on the train, on the way home, at night, in the morning
  • Before going to bed
  • It helps you be creative
  • It helps you be happy and joyful
  • It helps you to detach yourself from life pressures and limitations
  • It helps you to be ambitious
  • It helps you to take risk
  • You attract what you visualize; remember the secret
  • Consciously or unconsciously everyone is currently living in his or her Dream Land any way; this simply helps you shape it by choice in the way you want it to be
  • It would not be necessarily realistic although it will certainly affect your worldly life and makes you happier

Sunday, 18 April 2010

Be Passionate In Life

Why it is important to be passionate?

Being Passionate is a key to happiness.

Life without passion is too boring and if you are not passionate about anything, sorry but you make yourself boring too.

Be Passionate :)

  • Be passionate every day
  • Be passionate about the people you have around you and when you see them; even if you have seen a person a million times, each time be passionate about it
  • Be passionate about what you already have and appreciate them; the job you have, the food you eat, the friends you have
  • Be passionate about whatever you do and do what you're passionate about
  • Be passionate about what you love and enjoy

Discover What You Are Passionate About:

You haven't lived if you haven't done anything passionately in life or if you haven't found what your passion is in life.

Find out what you love and are passionate about; know yourself, discover what your interest is, identify what you enjoy most

To be continued...

Monday, 5 April 2010

Be Blessed

I would like to write about blessing; blessing ourselves and blessing others.

Where Blessing is:

There is blessing in Prayer
There is blessing in Communication
There is blessing in Showing Love and Care
There is blessing in Helping the Needy
There is blessing in Treating People Nicely
There is blessing in Smile
There is blessing in Unity
There is blessing in Forgiving The Mistakes of Ourselves and Others
There is blessing in Working Hard
There is blessing in Teaching
There is blessing in Thinking and Trying to Understand How/Why/What/Who/When
There is blessing in Being Humble in Thoughts, Heart, Words and Deeds; it opens the doors previously locked
There is blessing in Patience
There is blessing in Thankfulness and Showing Your Appreciation
There is blessing in Righteousness
There is blessing in Doing Good
There is blessing in Taking Care of Your Body, Mind and Soul
There is blessing in Assertiveness

From Bible:

Receiving the Blessing:

The blessings we receive would be different:
  • Type of blessing: help, service, money, direction, guide and joy when needy
  • Time of blessing: soon or late
Most often the type and time of the blessing we receive is supernatural and is related to the wisdom of the world and often Karma but the response is certain.

Be Blessed!

Saturday, 3 April 2010

Driving in Gran Canaria, Spain

Driving in Gran Canaria

Speed Limits:

Speed limits in Spain are as follows: 20 kph in residential areas, 50 kph in built-up areas, 90 kph in country roads, 100 kph in dual carriageways, 120 kph on motorways, 80 kph for cars towing a trailer on divided highways and 70 kph on other roads.

The only fast roads on the island are the GC1 motorway from Las Palmas to ArguineguĂ­n and the GC2 from Las Palmas to Agaete.


Parking is prohibited on white or yellow lines and blue lines indicate a restricted parking area where you must purchase a ticket from a pay-and-display machine.; €30 fine.

Single white lines – If there is a single white line in the middle of the road you shouldn’t cross it.

Seat Belts:

Seat Belts. Seat belts must be worn at all times.


Blood alcohol limit is 0.05% (0.015% for drivers who’ve acquired their licence in the past five years). Breath tests are carried out randomly and non-residents are subject to on-the-spot fines.


Police are empowered to collect fines of up to 300.51 euros on the spot. Foreigners non-resident must pay on the spot unless they can present a Spanish bail bond or an address in Spain or company who will guarantee payment of the fine. If the fine cannot be paid or guaranteed, the vehicle will be impounded. Normally there is a discount of 30 percent for immediate settlement. You should pay the fine first, it is necessary for the policeman to permit you to continue your trip.

Carry With You All the time:

Driving license - Car certificate - Your Insurance - Your Passport - Road Tax


You will have a period of 7 days to report the accident to your insurance company in Spain. Your indemnity will depend on the type of car insurance you have contracted.

The Police accident report is an important proof to determine who is responsible for the accident. You should attach copy of this report when you claim for the damages suffered before the insurance company. If you or any of the passengers have been injured, you should also attach copy of the medical report to claim for compensation before the insurance company.