Friday, 19 December 2008

Become Unafraid of Failure

That's correct! This guy needs to be unafraid of failure in order to jump and learn its correct way.
Most people are afraid of failure consciously or unconsciously and this affects their life seriously whether they know it or not.
Worse than that, many people try to make you afraid of failure.
Failure is something that we dislike but we must realize that it's the only way that we can truly learn and grow.
The problem with fear of failure is that it disables us to do any action, and this is the problem not the failure or even the fear.
Without failure there is no success, indeed each failure is a success because through which we learn something new towards an achievement.
Indeed, the correct way of thinking is that in the real meaning we always succeed, there is no failure. That's the strategy by which you can turn threats into opportunities.
In the other words, feel the fear and do it any way until you get to a point that you become UNAFRAID OF FAILURE that's when you become so strong and unshakable.
Try something new, take a risk, determine what you fear of and do it.
I hope you use this wisdom tip in the right way that benefits yourself and others.
Do something about it, knowing is not sufficient. Specify what failures you are afraid of and plan to do something about them and become unafraid of those failures.

Repeating an affirmation like following every day is helpful to reprogram your mind and visualization as well:

"I am unafraid of failure"

Your Confident Voice is Infectious

Naturally, all people have Confident and Unconfident voice depending on the situation they are in but they often get used to apply one of which.

When you are aware of your confident voice and you use it, then it will be infectious. By this I mean, other people will feel your confidence and can easily have confidence on you.

Hear your confident voice, imagine when was the last time you use it.

Using our confident voice is so joyful, however, we should be aware of the difference between an aggressive voice and a confident one because the border line is very thin.

Another interesting point I would like to make is that when we use our confident voice, our personality, our thoughts and behaviours get changed.

My experience says just use confident voice while talking and you will be self-confident automatically.

I also experienced that using my confident voice I stammer much less.

Practice for one day only talking with your confident voice and see the results

Thursday, 18 December 2008

Qualities to Develop and Maintain

"Therefore you are to be perfect, as your heavenly Father is perfect" (Matthew 5:48)

To walk on the path towards being perfect, we must develop and maintain certain qualities.

In Relation with Self
Self-Confident, Self-Assured, Self-Actualized, Driven, Self-Determined, Self-Motivated, Firm Believer, Proactive, Disciplined, Focused, Self-Leader, Creative, Autodidact, Unafraid of Failure, Intolerant of Laziness and Idleness, Strong, Positive, Different, Unique, Special, Blessed, Fighter, Self-Manager, Risk Taker, Smart, Wise, Thoughtful, Productive, Star, Intelligent, Hard Working, Professional, Patient, Perceptive, Talented, Bright, Open Minded, Highly Eager to Learn, Independent, Happy, Cheerful, Organized, Faithful, Responsible, Steady, Stable, Sure, Steadfast, Staunch, Realistic, Self-Starter, Self-Controlled, Self-Reliant, Visionary, Knowledgeable, Self-Aware, Continually Improving, Agile, Courageous to go beyond comfort zone, Decisive, Strategist, Planner, Invincible, Able to judge wisely, Self-sufficient

In Relation with Others
Good Listener, Good Friend, Caring, Helpful, Loyal, Compassionate, Honest, Sincere, Encouraging, Inspiring others to reach their full potential, Empathetic, Trustworthy, Asset for Others, Very Dependable, Trusty, Leader, Manager, Affectionate, Motivator, Adaptive, Team Builder, Task Assigner, Excellent communicator with people at all levels, Empowering, Team Couch, Conflict Resolver, Persuader, A Role Model, Courteous, Respectful, Polite, Tactful


1) Use "I " and read all these attributes again say e.g. I am self-confident, I am self-assured ...

2) Record your voice on a tape and listen carefully at least once a week
Repeating these words frequently reshapes your visualization and your believes accordingly :)

3) Pray the Lord to give you Wisdom to grow in these qualities

Sunday, 14 December 2008


You have only one option, you must recognize that you are in a battle and must be an equiped FIGHTER.

I don't mean fighting with people! I mean we must fight against our own fears and the things that hold us back from our goals such as anger, sickness, sadness, hatred, laziness, lack of discipline, negative thoughts ...
The fight is real and almost every day.
The battle is indeed between the holy spirit which is within (desires to be happy, caring, strong and confident) against our flesh (desires to sadness, hatred, fear ...).


Saturday, 6 December 2008

What shapes your future?

What you're doing now, shapes your future.

It's the law of cause and effect.

If your actions are good, good results will be produced.

If your actions are bad, bad results will be produced.

So, don't worry much about the future and focus on the responsibilities you have now.