Friday, 19 December 2008

Become Unafraid of Failure

That's correct! This guy needs to be unafraid of failure in order to jump and learn its correct way.
Most people are afraid of failure consciously or unconsciously and this affects their life seriously whether they know it or not.
Worse than that, many people try to make you afraid of failure.
Failure is something that we dislike but we must realize that it's the only way that we can truly learn and grow.
The problem with fear of failure is that it disables us to do any action, and this is the problem not the failure or even the fear.
Without failure there is no success, indeed each failure is a success because through which we learn something new towards an achievement.
Indeed, the correct way of thinking is that in the real meaning we always succeed, there is no failure. That's the strategy by which you can turn threats into opportunities.
In the other words, feel the fear and do it any way until you get to a point that you become UNAFRAID OF FAILURE that's when you become so strong and unshakable.
Try something new, take a risk, determine what you fear of and do it.
I hope you use this wisdom tip in the right way that benefits yourself and others.
Do something about it, knowing is not sufficient. Specify what failures you are afraid of and plan to do something about them and become unafraid of those failures.

Repeating an affirmation like following every day is helpful to reprogram your mind and visualization as well:

"I am unafraid of failure"

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