Sunday, 19 September 2010

What are the British Values?

Isn't it important to know the values of the society in which you live?!

1. The Rule of Law
All people in the society must abide by the same rules, whatever wealth or status. No one is above the law - not even the government. All are equal before the law.

Ok, so if the law is wrong or unjust, you must obey it until it is changed if it's supposed to be changed. Also, it means that you must know the laws and learn them above everything else; know your rights, know other people rights.

  • Order
  • Fairness
  • People might become like robots that must be told what is the right thing to do all the time
  • No sympathy or understanding beyond what is known in the Law
  • Law is never perfect therefore requires gradual improvement.
2. The Pluralist State
It means that no one should be treated differently on the basis of belonging to a particular group. Conversely, all parties, sects, faiths and ideologies must tolerate the existence of their rivals.

Ok, what this means is that racism and discrimination based on color, religion, race, etc must be avoided. So this means that people should be judged by their behaviour, words, knowledge and skills.

3. Universal Human Rights
Including women, children and people of other faiths.

4. Democracy
People have the right to elect their own government.

To be continued...

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