Thursday, 9 April 2009

Be a Nagging Machine

I am often very positive and optimistic but I have realized sometimes there is no other solution but being like a nagging machine; keep nagging and pushing.

If you don't become a nagging machine, you get angry and frustrated and you possiblly harm yourself and others. Being like a nagging machine often is the only and only solution.

  • You want your agent or landlord fix something at home but they just postpone or promise and don't act.
  • You need someone to do something for you and they don't reply back or do the job.
  • ...


  • Nag to everyone that you could find from boss (priorty) to employees - use all the resources available.
  • Nag professionally, express facts, emotions, evidences
  • Be assertive


  • When was the last time you were like a nagging machine?
  • In what situations you need to be a nagging machine now?

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