Saturday, 14 August 2010

How to Stay Strong and Firm In Adversity

Adversity comes and goes in life. It has always a period. It could be family, business, financial, relationship, education, etc.

Whatever situation you're facing, remember to stay strong and firm at all times. Do not break and do not let the problems/people/situations break you.

  • Remember not to loose hope; hope for the better and change
  • Remember that adversity will pass and go away. Nothing in this world is permanent or forever.
  • Remember not to loose faith; never give up. Lord is the king of all things and he has the power to change things so keep praying and seek his will and the adversity will go away.
  • Stop thinking negatively; remember to think positive and treating every event as a learning experience
  • Be determined to focus doing the right thing
  • Remember that you grow in adversity
  • Remember that all people face challenges from time to time; so you're not the only one

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