Monday, 17 May 2010

From Pain to Power

One of the best ways to understand and develop commendable qualities such as Self-Confident within is to go through and understand what their antonyms are:

Pain Power

Worried, Upset, distressed, disturbed

Hopeful for good, taking it easy, reassured
Fearful, Afraid Courageous, Brave, Bold, Risk-taker
Indifferent, Cold, disinterested Caring, interested, compassionate
Negative thoughts Powerful and positive thoughts
Sad Joyful
Stressed In peace, in harmony
Lazy Perseverance, Hard working, goal oriented
Gives up Persistent, Keeps on, Carries on, Presses on, Diligent
Apathy Responsible
Dishonesty, disgrace, dishonour Integrity, Honour, Uprightness, cohesion
Shy, timid Self-confident, Self-assured
Depressed, low-spirited, down, miserable Happy, hopeful
Ungrateful, thankless, rude Grateful, Thankful, Appreciative
Separated United
Hatred, dislike Love, Affection
Corrupt, Unreliable Trustworthy, Reliable, Honest
Self-depreciative Self-respectful, self-esteem, Dignified
Incapable Capable, Competent
Closed-minded Open-minded
Originative, unimaginative, uninventive Creative, imaginative, inventive
Selfish, self-centred Sensitive to others and self both
Uncooperative Cooperative
Thoughtless Thoughtful
Isolated Participates, Sociable
Self-centred Supportive, helpful to others
Impatient Patient
Indifferent Alert, aware
Inactive, Passive, Follower Initiative, Creative, Proactive
Unable Able
Inefficient Efficient
Wasteful Helpful
Untrained Skilled, Expert
Junior, Dummy Professional, Senior
Blind Seeing, perspicacious
Disorganized Organized
Weak Strong
Unstable, moody, out of control Stable, in control, self-controlled
Directionless Knows where to go
Uninformed, unaware Knowledgeable, informed, aware
Unaware Aware, wise
Unapproved, unaccepted approved, accepted, loved
Discouraging Encouraging
Stupid Wise
Slow thinker Quick thinker
Slow reader Quick reader
Coach potato, sleepy, lazy Sportsman, goal oriented
Excessively thought-oriented Action oriented
Negligent, lazily careless Careful, alert, hardworking
Impolite, rude Courteous, polite, well-mannered
Unproductive Productive

My advice to you is that anytime you don’t feel good, come here and find what is your feeling honestly, then work on it to move from pain to power.


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