Sunday, 21 March 2010

International Day of Nowruz

  • Nowruz is the beginning of Persian New Year.
  • Nowruz marks the first day of spring, usually 21st March.
  • Nowruz is a traditional ancient festival which is believed was invented by Zoroaster in about 3000 years ago.
  • Nowruz is a celebration of change and renewal. As it is the first day of spring, it indicates a strong bond between human being and natural world around us.
  • Nowruz is thought to be a holy day and those who celebrate it are not supposed to work on that day.
  • The festival usually continues for 13 days.
What do you usually do in Nowruz Festival?
  • Visiting - A time to visit family and friends
  • Peace with the World - To make peace with people around us and friends; if you have annoyed someone or someone has annoyed you, it's the best time to make peace. So it is why Nowruz has been considered a global peace symbol.
  • Respect to Elderly - A time to pay respect to senior family members.
  • Giving and Receiving Gifts - Whoever is older than others would give gifts to those who are younger than them e.g. parents to their children.
  • Harmony with Nature - A time for harmony with the natural world and appreciating the nature - a time for travelling and leaving home
  • Home Cleanness - A time to clean everywhere in the home. Repainting, renewing, etc. People usually start cleaning their home from 1 week in advance so that on the first day of spring they have a totally clean home.
  • Haft Sin - almost every single family would provide haft sin as pictured above. Haft Sin means 7 S. Each S symbolizes something.
Why Nowruz has Survived This Long?

Because people have loved it, do love it now and will love it forever.

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