Friday, 30 July 2010

Let It Go

Sometimes in life, there are unexpected experiences that annoy us so much when we remember and we can't change those experiences. We try to learn lessons but the harm and hurt is so huge that occupies all our mind and heart for days or weeks.

The more you're sensitive the more difficult it would be for you because you remember those events or experiences with all details and you review them word by word, scene by scene.

In these situations, best approach is to let it go and forget it. It's hard but keep telling yourself that "I'll let it go" until the thoughts are gone completely.

Let it go, move on, forget the past, don't look back, set yourself free from the past. Start new and refresh :)

  • I'll let it go
  • I'll move on
  • I'll set myself free and save my current moment
  • Good bye the past
  • I choose to forget and forgive you
Because one of the few things that can’t be recycled is wasted time.

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