Saturday, 11 October 2008

You do not need confidence!

There are hundreds of books about how to gain self-confidence but the fact is that in order to become successful in whatever we want to achieve in life, we do not need confidence at all!

We do not need to be confident to do something and not many people have understood this.

If you have enough confidence in all aspects of your life, good for you and this article is not for you but if you don't have it, the good news is you don't need it!

Here, I will explain the Action & Confidence Workflow:

1) Our creation:
All human beings when they are born they have senses that help them to have inputs and understanding e.g. they can see, hear and feel the hunger. This is the first step in the confidence workflow.

2) Desire/greed/need/fear:
This is a step that our desire, ego, need or fear is realized. This realization sometimes is done by comparing ourselves with the other person.

3) Visualization/Imagination:
After we keep seeing, hearing and having the desire, need or fear; then we start imagining and thinking about what we want in more details. The more we grow at this stage the closer we get to the next step. We see dreams of our achievement.

4) Passion:
When we keep imagining and visualizing then the passion is created within us. Having said that at this stage we have no ability or experience but the passion is kept increasing. We really want it.
It's important to say that at each stage all the previous steps are repeated automatically. It's not something we do consciously often, it's what is done unconsciously and automatically within us. Without being complete in each stage we don't get to the next phase.

When this passion gets to a burning level, the next phase is going to begin.

5) Courage for Action:
After having a burning passion, detailed imagination, strong need or desire then our courage for action is created. Our passion is strong enough that generates a courage within us to move and act towards getting what we want.

6) Action:
It's important to say that before any action to be made many spiritual and emotional processes, as explained above, are happening inside us.

Mainly our courage and passion and with all the previous steps move us towards action. We go out and ask people, we search for it, we try it. As we continue acting, we gain knowledge and experience.

As we are passionate and courageous enough and action oriented, our knowledge in the gets improved. We keep getting knowledge and find solutions for the problem or the goal we have.

At the time of failure again the process works. If our passion is not greater that our fear of failure, then we give up otherwise we try another solution!

As we do consistent action, we get closer to start the next phase.

7) Achievement/experience:
Our knowledge, constant action, courage, burning desire and passion leads us to achievement. Once we achieved it we become experienced.

8) Confidence:
As we achieve and we gain knowledge and experience, our confidence gets build up. This confidence helps us to do further actions or keep doing current actions well. But the most important point is that confidence is built up automatically.

Indeed confidence is a result of our previous achievements and knowledge and is not necessary important for our next success and achievement.

If we have it good for us, if we don't we must know it's not a key factor for success unlike the teachings of many books written.

Here, I will write few examples to clarify exactly how the process works

Example 1: Getting a job

Example 2: Getting fit

Example 3: Passing an exam

Example 4: Buying a house

Example 5: Starting a business

In conclusion, what we should focus on is to understand the Action & Confidence Workflow and to know that for any achievement confidence is not a key factor at all but our PASSION, VISUALISATION and COURAGE for ACTION.

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