Saturday, 11 October 2008

Power of Visualization

Visualization is one of the most important factors in becoming successful in life. Indeed, most often we get what we keep visualizing.

The truth is whether we are aware or not, we all are visualizing all the time.


What is hope? Why some people are more hopeful than the others?
Hope is expecting something that we want although we are not sure whether it's certainly possible. If you are sure of something, it's called certainty not hope.
How to have hope in the middle of uncertainty?
you must visualize, without visualization there is no hope. Visualize what you want and strengthen your hope and positive expectation.
Do you expect to succeed or fail? Do you worry about everything too much?
If you expect and hope success, success will have much more chance to get attracted to you.

"Hope is expecting what we want and it's meaningless without visualization"

Visualize you might fail, failure gets more chance to come to you. In fact, we most often attract what we visualize whether it's good or bad.

Could we ever travel to the moon before visualizing it might be possible?

What is confidence? What is the difference between a person who has confidence and the one who doesn't?
When you think deeply you see the difference is all about their visualization. In the other words, a person who is confident is a person who visualizes himself/herself doing something in the right way and successfully.
How this confidence is built up?
Confidence is built up in 2 ways; consciously and unconsciously.
Previous successful experiences and knowledge build our confidence unconsciously. Our current awareness and deliberate visualization build up our confidence consciously.
So, practice constantly this visualization wisdom to build up your confidence stronger in all aspects of your life.
There is no limit in your mind, if it's there you have put it by habit and you have the potential power within to take the limit out.
Become Solution oriented:
Have you seen people who always nag? always see negative points? always are unhappy? always talk about their problems, problems of others and problems of society?
Such person is a problem oriented person and it's not hard to identify them. A problem oriented person can not be happy in his/her life and can not find the right way because before finding the solution you must look for it, you must try to visualize solution.
Whose life is without pressure and trouble? I tell you there is no one on earth without trouble and pressure in his/her life, because life is a challenge. Financially, whatever you earn, you will have your own troubles and pressures. But the winners are those who turn pressures and troubles to opportunity by visualizing opportunities constantly and focus on solution always.
You should understand problem, but only solution is what you must focus and put most of your energy and thoughts on.
Once you do it for a while it becomes a pleasant habit and you will feel that nothing on earth can hurt you because there are always solutions found soon or late, so make the decision today, right now and be committed to practice it and you will be joyful by your achievements.
Become and stay solution oriented and encourage others to do so as well. Let the knowledge gets spread.
Have you ever thought how we learn? why some people learn quicker than others? is it possible to speed up our learning process?
The answer is in visualization again. For instance, if you are reading a book, don't just look at words but visualize what you read while reading. If you are hearing to someone saying something, visualize what you hear. Consequently, you learn much faster and easier. Besides, what you learnt won't go away from your memory easily.
Even those who think they learn by hearing, it's not hearing that make them learn, it's indeed the picture they draw from what they hear.
So, practice using visualization to speed up and enjoy your learning.
What is fear? can you fear consciously? is it possible to fear without visualization? Do you let your fear stop you from getting what you really want? Is fear always bad at all?
Fear of death, fear of becoming poor, fear of loosing, fear of rejection, fear of loosing your job, fear of not paying your bills. Yes, all these are fears that everyone could have.
First of all, I would like to say that fear is not always bad. Indeed, it's sometimes wonderfully helpful. For instance, you might fear of failure in your exam tomorrow, then this fear is turned to a force to encourage you to read harder to pass and you will.
So I don't look at fear as something always against us but, as described above, it could be helpful sometimes for us as well.
Fear sometimes can paralyze us and stops us from moving forward or doing any action. This is the negative part of fear that can prevent our progress unless we find a strong mean to tackle it.
This mean is called visualization. Turn your fear to opportunities, change the pictures of fear in your mind to what you want. Direct fear, if you can't destroy it, to your benefit by visualization.
Do not let your fear control you but you control and direct your fear to your advantage. Face your fear if it's stopping you from your progress, and do the action.
Visualize why you have the power to take it under your control.
What is belief? believing in what? why? Is it certainty?
Certainty, knowledge, belief, hope, wish, desire.
To be continued ...

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