Saturday, 11 October 2008

Aim Highest

Always aim highest at your business, education, work, exercise whereever you are.

If you are studying like software engineering, aim to be the best software engineer in the world. Find the best people in that area, learn from them and grow towards that aim.

If you aim low and you just see your current situation and capabilities, you are limiting yourself. Do not do it. You are worth much more. You have the potential. Aim the highest. Plan for it, prepare for it and enjoy achieving it.

If you have a business, aim to be the best in your area. Learn how to be the best. Read books. Meet successful people, learn from them.

Become the best Principle Technologist. Aim for presidency. Aim for being the best.

It's good to say that, I do not mean we should compare ourselves with the other people. But, we need enjoy ourselves as we are, but aim always for better.

When you aim low, you get low. When you aim high, you get high.

No matter you have currently the ability to be the best, but aim for it. The ability will be found, the solutions will be found when you focus on the highest.

Enormous potential is within everyone of us. You can either use it or loose it!

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