Saturday, 17 January 2009

I Choose To

Why using this phrase in our sentences every day:

  • It underlines the fact that it's our choice to think, act, speak and believe in a way we think, act, speak and believe.
  • It removes the unconscious feeling of being victim and to be affected directly from our environments, parents, friends, etc
  • It emphasizes the personal responsibility of all our deeds, thoughts and words
  • It strengthens our will power
  • It provides us full awareness of our deeds, thoughts and words
  • It prevents others to manipulate you


  • I choose to be hopeful despite of all the current problems
  • I choose not to be afraid of failure
  • I choose to exercise 2-3 a week
  • I choose to work for my current company or I choose to change my job
  • I choose to be self-confident and self-assured
  • I choose to be wise
  • I choose to focus on solutions after identifying the problems
  • I choose to see my friend, Cyrus, at 5pm today
  • I choose to believe in what I think is right to believe
  • I choose to write this blog in the way I did

Therefore, stop blaiming others for what you are, because ultimately you are what you choose to be.

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