Friday, 16 January 2009

How to Speak with Posh British Accent

  • It's convincing
  • It's charming, attractive and enjoyable
  • It's important in team leadership and management
  • It's important in sale
  • It adds prestige in the image you create in other people's mind
  • You feel much better about yourself
  • Add rhythm in your sentences
  • Pronounce all words clearly - don't swallow any words
  • Pause between sentences and breath deeply - don't rush into sentences
  • Be polite, tactful, respectful and professional - don't be rude or unprofessional
  • Relax and calm and - don't be tense
  • Add slight smile and few face expressions - don't frown or appear feeling less
  • Speak assertively - not weakly
  • Believe in what you say, speak confidently and with certainty
  • Choose words carefully - expand your vocabulary


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