Saturday, 17 January 2009

How Should We Prioritize Our Works?

The fact is we, human beings, are not multitasking robots and we are highly efficient if we focus on one action at a time. Can you go to cinema, go to gym, go to work and go to see a friend at 2:30 tomorrow?!

So, it's extremely important to have a proper prioritization strategy for our tasks.

  1. List and review all the tasks you have for this week - To Do List
  2. Write the consequences of doing and not doing each action for each day - Analyzed List
  3. Whichever task has a more severe/important consequence should take the higher priority and must be done first - Prioritized List
  4. Do the task with the highest priority - Action
  5. Go to 1
  • As long as we are alive and we have something in our "To Do List" basket, this loop never ends
  • The "Prioritized List" is not a rigid list and can change as time pass on. New tasks can join the list or new events can happen.
  • Some tasks don't require any action, they are a process, and we can do other tasks while that task is done. For instance, we can read a book during the time we are going to work with train.

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