Saturday, 10 January 2009

How to Overcome Unconscious Inactivity Mind Trap

What is Unconscious Inactivity Mindtrap?
Unconsciout loops of contradictory thoughts that Leeds to locks, indecision, depression, headache and inactivity of mind.

Example: Jack wishes to buy a new car

Once force:
Jack knows that he needs to change his car. He is tired of his current car because he doesn't like it also he has to pay lots of money to repair it. He has seen a nicer car and wishes to buy it.

Opposite force:
He doesn't have enough money to buy a new car nor does he wish to get a loan. He doesn't know how to sell his car. What if the new car is not good either? What if I will have to pay so much for repair of the new car? What if ...

These thoughts often are unconscious, which means there are available but leads just to headache, depression, indecision and inactivity. Some people go to sleep for hours...

There are many other examples you can think of such as migration, marriage, school, friendships, relationships, job, business, buying a new house ...

How to Overcome - step 1
The first step to overcome this issue is to be aware and conscious of these unconscious mind traps. To solve any problem, the first step is to identity the problem.
So, if you have reached to a point that you have realized you are in the mind trap, that's the starting point.
The quicker you become conscious the quicker you can solve the issue.

How to Overcome - step 2
Write down all your thoughts and worries on a paper. Then organize and categorize them so that you can measure the problem easier.

How to Overcome - step 3
Identify which parts you don't know how to. For instance, if one option maybe getting a loan, discuss it with an expert or a friend who has taken it already and has experience about it.
Answer to all your unknown questions.

How to Overcome - step 4
Write down the options you have to decide. For the car scenario, options are as following:
  • Keeping my car and living with it
  • First buying a new car, then selling my car
  • First selling my car, then buying a new car
  • Buying and selling at the same time
  • ...

How to Overcome - step 5

Value each option, analyze each situation and choose the best possible option. Don't be perfectionist. Use your feelings to decide the option combined with logic. Logic alone can't help.

How to Overcome - step 6

Focus and take action on the option you chose.

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