Monday, 4 January 2010

The Power Of Spoken Words

Whether positive or negative, spoken words with your mouth have enormous power and energy.

You might have many ideas and thoughts in your mind but until you speak them with your mouth, they can't become powerful.

You can bless, curse or even be indifferent with your spoken words.

Words can make your life miserable or marvellous.

Spoken Words are expressions of thoughts and they have the power to shape your life.

Enough positive spoken words can end wars.

Spoken words influence our thinking.

Well chosen spoken words can stimulate the psyche, rekindle enthusiasm, generate more insight and vision.

If you want to make or keep friends, your words can make it happen.

Spoken Words as Containers:

Spoken Words are containers. They are containers of your enormous energy. They can build up others and yourself or otherwise they can pull down.

The Power of Negative Spoken Words:

Negative spoken words have also enormous power and carry so much energy. They can hurt, destroy or make others angry. Negative words can slaughter your passion, lower your sense of worth and sabotage your level of enthusiasm.

The words we speak can wound others. These wounds can stay with people for years and affect them in ways we can't imagine.

Positive Practices:
  • Pray not only with your mind but also with your mouth; say it loud
  • Be word-wise; watch what words you're speaking. Choose your words carefully and make sure what you say with your mouth is to be used for good and building up yourself and others. Use your words to work for you not against you. Speak words as though you create them.
  • Go to war against the negative spoken words with your positive spoken words. Bless those who curse you Jesus says. When you say "I am sorry" against what wrong you have done, you wipe out the offence and its negative impact instead you bring sympathy and caring. I might write an article about this later.
  • Write a list of positive power words and read them loud out. Update your list whenever possible.
  • Learn new power words; learn from dictionary or listen to people who use better spoken words
  • Admire the good deeds of others with your spoken words; don't be indifferent or ignore them.

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