Saturday, 1 October 2011

The Power of Laughter

Some born with naturally and developed it early in their childhood due to their family and environment, some haven't had a normal childhood but were wise enough to realised the power of laughter and developed the skill to laugh easily and more often in their adulthood and benefited from its benefits.

Laughter has an enormous power in making yourself happier and stronger spiritually and making others around you happier as well. Develop the sense of humour.

Laughter also releases the stress and tension. It helps you enjoy life and release the joy.

Laughter boosts your confidence.

Laughter is healthy and boosts your immune system, reduces your blood pressure.

Laughter triggers our right side of brain which helps releasing creativity.

Laughter helps you sleep well at night.

Children laugh 200 times a day and adults 4 times a day in average. Be like a child, laugh easier and more often.

Laughter has a great healing power.

Laughter helps strengthening our relationship with other people, with our partner and our family.

If you have done something silly or dumb, be willing to laugh at yourself!

Do not allow life pressures and stresses make you forget to laugh!

Every time you laugh, you get stronger and happier.

Every day, look for opportunities for having fun, read funny books, watch funny movies and laugh easier, more often and openly.

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