Saturday, 29 October 2011

Interview Management

The fact is that interviews are based on luck (= God's will for you) in the sense that if you're lucky enough, the questions that you can answer and the problems that you can solve and you have solved in the past will be given to you, the people that like you and you like them will interview you; therefore, interviews can never be a true evaluation of your abilities and potential of course so never blame yourself or be upset if you didn't win an interview.

It is luck in the root but it doesn't mean that you have no influence on this luck. You can attract more luck!

You can do things which changes the probability of a success or failure (which can potentially be seen as a success also).

These could make you a luckier person in the interviews:

  • Prepare Prepare Prepare
  • The right mindset; the can do attitude
  • Be conservative; listen carefully and respond thoughtfully
  • Be professional at the same time emotionally intelligent; be sociable, relaxed and smile
  • Develop problem solving skills
  • Practice interview questions; technical and non-technical
  • Learn from your past mistakes; write the lessons down and review them each month, take the proper actions.
  • Learn from the mistakes or success of others; encourage them to share their experiences with you.
Even if you do all these, there is no guarantee that it will happen; it's still a chance and a game and you never have 100% control over it.

After a "Yes":
  • Write down and keep the lessons; you did good at the right time and the right place and the right people.
  • Congratulate yourself!
  • ...
After a "No" go:
  • Write down and keep the lessons
  • Identify which areas you could improve and identify actions to improve those areas
  • Forget the event and move on
  • Congratulate yourself for the try and lessons!
  • Look and focus to the future and the next interview and believe that it will happen!

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