Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Stop Believing in Your Dreams!

Some of us may dream and their dream may come true which may result in believing in their dreams!

This is not true or right and indeed it can be destructive rather than constructive. Believing in something which can impact your thoughts, actions and feelings without having you control over it.

What we dream 99% is the result of our own thoughts and feelings not necessarily foreseeing the future.

We should take responsibility for our every day of our life rather than seeing it as a dream come true.

Stop believing in the dreams; they're just the result of your own thoughts, worries and feelings. Shape your life with your own hands and always seek what good thing can be done now.

If you saw a bad dream, don't think it's an anticipation of future; just pray for it, forget it and focus on what possible positive actions you can take now.

I went through the cycle of believing in my dreams that they always come true and then came out when realized that I am the one who shapes my destiny with my actions rather than my life has to happen according to my dream; I've paid a very heavy price to learn this lesson that won't be forgotten.
Shape your life with your own actions; live by design!

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