Saturday, 28 November 2009

Smile and Its Spiritual Purpose

Many people think that they should be happy to smile which is incorrect. Indeed, if you're happy your face becomes cheerful automatically but if you leave your smile to your happiness, indeed, then you're missing a very important point.

Spiritual Purpose of Smile:

The spiritual purpose of smile is to show love, caring and understanding to other people and environment which inevitably attracts happiness, love and caring into your own life.

Give and it will be given to you surprisingly much more than what you gave initially.

Don't rely on your life's happy moments, success or achievements so that they bring you smile; You initiate and maintain it!

I am not talking about a fake smile, I am talking about a purposeful smile to make your life smile and happy. To make the people around you feel better and consequently you will feel better and become happier.

It's good to know about the impact of your smile on yourself and others but never forget the spiritual purpose of smile.

What Impact My Smile Could Have On Others?
  • People trust and love you more automatically and willingly they do things for you
  • People feel un-threatened when they are with you
  • You will have more influence on others
  • You can find new friends easily
  • You send a message that you will be at ease with me - don't worry
  • All people regardless of their position or age need love and your smile can give them the security they need
  • Smile is contagious which means people most often smile you back
  • People are naturally attracted to those who smile because smile makes you attractive. You will be like a magnet...
  • Smile makes the environment in which you are, more cheerful.
What Impact My Smile Could Have On Myself?
  • You attract happiness, good things, good thoughts, good friends and love into your life.
  • Smile changes your mood; if you are sad or bored, smile changes that
  • Smile brings you happiness and peace
  • Smile destroys stress; when you have stress, your smile reduces the stress dramatically, then it enables you to move on and act
  • Smile makes your immune system stronger and as result you get sick less
  • Smile lifts up your spirit
  • Smile makes your face to be appeared younger
  • Smile increases your self confidence and you progress more at your work
  • Smile let you seem more successful
  • Smile helps you think positively; it reduces the negative thoughts dramatically
  • Smile keeps depression, stress and worry away from your life
How to Smile?
  • Purposefully smile and that purpose is to love your environment, neighbour and people around you
  • To smile, don't rely on your life's happy moments, success or achievements
  • Smile confidently and respectfully
  • Smile with your eyes
  • Take responsibility and initiative to smile
  • Smile to love
  • Develop your smile and practice it
  • Smile with an open face and eyes
  • Develop your Sense of Humor as it helps smiling
The Cost of Not Smiling?
  • You might sacrifice the happiness from your life and life of others
  • You might sacrifice friendships and relationships
  • ...
  • Can you smile when you're not happy, stressful, depressed or worry? of course you can...
  • When we are thinking, it is often hard to smile but with practice we can smile even when we are thinking and focusing on a subject
You are wise when you know and you apply your knowledge. Knowledge on its own doesn't bring wisdom. A person who has the knowledge but doesn't practice it, is not a wise man.


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