Saturday, 7 March 2009

Car Maintenance

These are "generally" true although depending on the car, product and season it varies.

When, what?

  • Every 6 months or 5-6000 miles, engine oil and oil filter needs be changed
  • Every 1 year or 10-12000 miles, your car needs to be fully serviced.
  • Regularly, check your tyre pressure
  • Every week, check your oil level or before a long trip
  • Every 5-8 years or 40-60000 miles, cam belt needs to be changed
  • Every week, check the tread depth of your tyres
  • Once a year, you must take your car for a MOT test

What are involved in a full car service?

  • Fuel filter is changed
  • Engine oil is changed
  • Oil filter is changed
  • Air filter is changed
  • Brake oil is checked
  • Power steering oil is checked
  • Brakes are checked
  • All car lights are checked
  • Spark plugs are replaced
  • Top up water tank and add anti-freeze in Winter
  • Screen Wipers are checked
  • Exhaust is checked
  • Battery level is checked
  • Pressure and tread depth of all tyres are checked
Part Price?

They usually charge you £120 + VAT = £141 for a full service but what is the cost of the parts really?
  • Air filter: £7
  • Oil filter: £4
  • 4 x Spark plugs : £6 total
  • Engine Oil: £20
Overall parts cost would be almost £37 for you indeed so you're paying over £100 for labour and tax whereas you could do most of the things yourself.

What are involved in a MOT test?

Kwikfit has a good list of check list for MOT test here.

Car parts?
Euro car parts is one of the best resources if you want to but the parts yourself.


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