Sunday, 13 March 2011

Bring Thyself Unto Account Each Day

Successful people are those who bring themselves unto account each day. They review what they did. What didn't go that well and what they could do differently.

This can be applied to education, business, relationships and everything we're involved with.

We're never perfect although we should aim for perfection and continuously correct ourselves towards perfection. This means we should be humble enough to see our own mistakes/weaknesses and strengths with a positive attitude and learn from those experiences quickly so that those experiences support our ongoing future success.

Action Plan:
Once of the best ways to support this is to bring ourselves unto account each day by completing a personal learning experience table with the following columns:

Column 1: Issue / Mistake / What wasn't that great
Column 2: Lesson / Experience / What could I do differently? / How could I do it differently?

Completing this table daily or weekly ensures that you're always on the right track. You see your own mistakes humbly and learn from them quickly which means greater experience and higher rate of success for your future is guaranteed.

It's not about regretting about the past but it's about enhancing our experience by being a bit more thoughtful about our own behaviour, actions and words every day.

You can complete this table even for smallest issues; e.g. which way was longer to get to a destination, which travel ticket was better to be bought, which words shouldn't have been said and why, etc.

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