Monday, 17 August 2009

How to Make Decisions Quickly?

For instance you have 10 goals, how do you make a decision which one to pursue first? Have you ever stayed in an indicision state for a long time? This would help:
  • ANALYZE your goals; their benefits and risks; the estimated time required to finish each goal
  • PRIORITIZE your goals if possible; specify the gains and losses of doing and not doing each goal which helps prioritizing them
  • DOCUMENT everything if possible
  • SET DEADLINE in making your decision e.g. 30 minutes (depends)
  • Listen to your INSTINCT and HEART
    • Treat every failure or mistake as a LESSON which takes you one step closer to SUCCESS, so no need to fear of the result of your good decision
    • AVOID wasting time and being perfectionist.
    • ANY GOOD DECISION is better than no good decision, so hurry choose one of which, have perseverance and ENJOY the process!

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